Sony iPhone / iPod Clock Radio Speaker Dock Review

Sony Dock

How many times have you woken up exhausted in the morning to a loud, “DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN” from your alarm clock? The sound most traditional alarm clocks make are good at two things – waking you up, and putting you in an irritated bad mood. Seriously, what will put you in a bad mood more quickly than an annoying alarm clock when you’re already tired?

So what is the solution? The solution is not using a traditional alarm clock at all. The solution is stepping into the modern age, and investing in a Sony Clock Radio Speaker Dock for your iPod or iPhone. Here is our review on the Sony ICFC11IP Lightning iPhone/iPod Clock Radio Speaker Dock. [Read more…]

Brain Waves Altered States App Review

Altered States
The human brain is amazingly complex. It controls everything in our lives – what we do, how we feel, and how we think. But how easily can the brain be influenced? Did you know that a simple iPhone application is capable of completing changing the way you feel?  [Read more…]

Top Five iPhone Sleeves And Pouches

There are tens of thousands of different accessories available for the iPhone today. With so many different accessories to choose from, how do you know which ones are actually worth buying?

As someone who owns over 200 different iPhone accessories – take it from me, choosing the right accessories for your iPhone is never easy.

Perhaps you’ve decided that you want a sleeve or pouch to store your iPhone in. Sleeves and pouches are sometimes better than cases, because they’re typically light and fit the device well, making it easy to pick up and pull out.

Rather than looking through hundreds of different iPhone sleeves and pouches that are available on the market, we’ve decided to do the work for you. Here we have reviewed the five best iPhone sleeves and pouches available. [Read more…]

The Rise Of Mobile Games

For the past few years mobile gaming has developed to something out of this world. In particular the casino gaming market is one that has flourished! Whether it be Candy Crush or online poker, the way we game on our phones has advanced to a level that is truly amazing! The below infographic produced by JackpotCity casino shows the rise in mobile gaming over the last few years. Judging by the rapid advances, who knows what the future holds! [Read more…]

Why Would Nguyen Remove Flappy Bird From The App Store?

If you’ve spent any time around someone with an iPhone within recent weeks, chances are you’ve heard about the new game Flappy Bird. Flappy Bird, a simple game in which the goal is to keep your bird alive, has soared to the top of the Top Charts and has stayed there for a quite a while. Meanwhile, the developer of the game, Dong Nguyen, announced on his Twitter that he will be removing the game from the App Store very soon. What could’ve possibly caused him to make such a big decision?  [Read more…]

Weight Loss Explosion App Turns Exercise And Healthy Habits Into A Game

Weight Loss Explosion
Losing weight is never easy. Not only do you have to change your diet habits, you have to reorganize your schedule to make time for exercise. On top of all that, you have to deal with the most challenging aspect of it all – keeping yourself motivated to continue your healthy habits until you see desirable results, which can take more than 6 weeks.

Weight Loss Explosion by Eat To Win LLC attempts to make the process of losing weight more fun by turning it into a game. [Read more…]

The Single Most Effective Way To Market Your Applications

Developing applications for iOS is not easy. You have to learn an entire programming language, learn good design techniques, deal with the headaches that come with debugging, and finally, dealing with Apple’s weird and strict guidelines for submitting applications. Perhaps your app is on the App Store, great! The hardest part is over. Or is it?

Let’s think about something for a moment. There are hundreds of thousands of applications on the App Store. But how many of these are popular? What percentage of these could be considered a success? Not very many. Developers put in hard work to get their applications on the App Store, but most of their applications do not meet expectations because developers forget one of the most important aspects of releasing an app on the App Store – marketing.  [Read more…]

5 Features We Need To See in iOS 8

iOS 8

iOS 7 is known for being the biggest change to Apple’s mobile operating system to date. Along with a complete redesign, Apple also added many long needed features to iOS 7, such as the Control Center, allowing you to access device functions extremely quickly. While the features that Apple added to iOS 7 are great, there are still many improvements that we will hopefully see with the release of iOS 8.  [Read more…]

App Reviews Permanently Free!

Good news!

We love to help out developers in any way we possibly can, so we’re glad to announce that app reviews are now permanently free. To find out more information how to get your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch application reviewed by our editors here on iOS Universe, click the “Get Your App Reviewed” button at the top of this page. We receive many requests for app reviews every day, so it’s important to follow the format we request if you want your application to actually be reviewed and shared with our readers.

Additionally, we are opening up a “featured App section” on our sidebar, allowing developers to purchase ad space to grant additional exposure to their application. As of right now, Ads are $10 a month, and various cryptocurrencies will be accepted as a form of payment in addition with Paypal. More details will be available on the Advertising page.

Thanks for your interest and we’re glad to do business with you!

What Can We Expect From Apple In 2014?

2013 was a huge year for Apple. iOS 7 was released, and was the biggest change of iOS to date. The completely redesigned Mac Pro was announced. The iPhone 5S, iPad Air, and iPad Mini Retina were released as well. But what can we expect from Apple in the future?

Every year starts with hope of what lies ahead. But can Apple top their advancements in 2013? We believe that Apple will do exactly that, and that 2014 will be the biggest year for Apple since the release of the iPad.

We didn’t see any new products from Apple this past year, but that’s expected to change in 2014. As a matter of fact, we may just see two entire new product lines, which may just completely change the way we interact with technology in the future.  [Read more…]