Are The Apple Earpods Right For You?


When the iPod was first launched in 2004, it featured a pair of solid white earphones, which instantly became a hit. As the iPod became more popular, so did the earphones that came with it. One could be walking through a store and see a pair of white earphones in someone’s ear, and they’d know that person was using an Apple iPod. It was unique, and a great marketing plan by Apple. And the earphone design was kept almost the same for years, until fall 2012, when Apple announced that they were finally ditching the old design and replacing them with the new Apple Earpods. It’s no doubt that Apple’s new Earpods are a huge upgrade over the old earphones, but are they right for you?

Buy The Apple Earpods If You…

Own A Lot Of Apple Devices

The Apple Earpods feature a microphone with a few buttons which allow you to perform certain actions within some applications. Holding down the button also allows you to pull up Siri, without having to pull up your phone, which is very convenient if you own a newer device. You can also control your music with the Earpods, although several other earphones are able to do this.

Looks/Fashion Are Important To You

As I mentioned earlier in this article, people can recognize these earphones due to their popularity. In a way, owning a pair of Earpods can bring you social recognition, especially if you are younger. They also look quite nice, and go good with a lot of outfits. Although it may not seem important to the older folk, surprisingly  some people factor in the looks of their accessories when making purchases, and the Earpods will not let you down here.

Like Comfort

The Apple Earpods are some of the most comfortable earphones I’ve ever used. Unlike traditional earphones, which require you to stick a piece of rubber in your ear, the Earpods have no rubber ends. The new shape also fits comfortably in the ear, even with lots of movement. The Earpods are currently my favorite earphones to use while running because of the combination and comfort and controls.

Do Not Buy The Earpods If…

You’re an audiophile

Although the sound quality of the Earpods is definitely not bad, there are much better options out there for a similar price. ¬†Although the sound is vastly improved over the original earphones Apple produced, the sound still sounds a bit digital, it’s not as clear as it should be. The biggest improvements come to the bass and treble sounds, which Apple may have decided to focus on due to the increase in popularity of rap or hip hop music.

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