iPad Smart Cover Review

iPad Smart Cover Case

Whenever Apple release a new product, it’s rare that they only stick to that one product. Instead, they also try to market other things, such as accessories for the upcoming product, in attempt to make even more money. That principle has been the same with the iPad. Along with the iPad, you also have the option to purchase the “Smart Cover” case for it. This review is all about that Smart Cover.

Because Apple markets this case themselves, it’s not surprising that it’s their most popular case to date for the iPad. It comes in two different materials, polyurethane and leather, costing $49 and $79 respectively. Along with the various materials, it’s also available in an assortment of colors as well.

The iPad case attaches to the side of your iPad via magnent, and fits perfectly over the front of the iPad. That’s it – the front. There is unfortunately no protection for the back, so it may not be the best iPad case for full protection of your iPad, unlike the Snugg. (See: Snugg Leather iPad Case Review). However, the front of the iPad, where the screen is at, is the easiest part of the device to break, so Apple can get away with only protecting that part.

Apple’s case isn’t called the ‘Smart’ Cover for nothing, it has quite a few features. First of all, once you cover the iPad screen with the case, the device locks, saving battery power. Additionally, the iPad unlocks when you pull the cover off, saving you from having to go through the lock screen. Kind of a nifty feature I’d say!

The case also folds into a number of different positions, allowing you to position the iPad in a series of different ways. For example, you could have the iPad stand straight up in landscape mode, or you can rest the iPad on the folded part of the stand to make it easier to type. I find the latter to be extremely useful, as it’s much easier to type at an angle than it is straight on. Before I bought my Logitech Keyboard Cover (See: Logitech Keyboard Cover Review), I used this position to do most of my typing on my iPad.

Overall, the Smart Cover works wonderfully, is super lightweight, and fits the iPad perfectly. While it’s not the best case for protection of your device, it’s still a great case for a lot of people. But of course, this is only my opinion. Let us here yours in the comments! We’d love to hear what you have to say about it.

For more information on the Apple’s Smart Cover, click here. 


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