Logitech Keyboard Cover Review (iPad)

Logitech Keyboard Cover

When I first got my iPad, one of its biggest drawbacks in my opinion was how hard it was to type on it. Being someone who can easily type 100 words a minute, I was a bit disappointed to realize that my typing speed had dropped significantly when trying to type on the iPad’s touch screen. Now for slower typers, this may not be such a problem, but for someone on me, who relies on the iPad to write some of these articles I provide for you here on iOSUniverse.com, trying to type on the iPad can be a real hassle. Or at least, it was a real hassle. That was, before I got the Logitech Keyboard Cover for my iPad.

External Bluetooth keyboards for the iPad are nothing new. We’ve had Bluetooth keyboards such as the AmazonBasics designed for iDevices for a while now. But really, who wants to carry a keyboard around with them wherever they go? Tablets are made for portability, light weight, easy to carry around with you. That’s why it was a genius move by Logitech to incorporate both a keyboard and a case into one on the iPad.

It’s common knowledge that a good case is almost a necessity for those who carry around their iPad with them. Case users almost always have it with them, so with the Logitech Keyboard Cover, you’re now able to carry a keyboard for your iPad around with you as well. Although I do love other iPad cases I’ve used such as the Snugg Leather Case (See: Snugg Leather iPad Case Review), long time followers of me will know that I love features. And since the main task I do on my iPad is type, I will not likely use another case (at least while I’m on the go) for a long time.

As far as its performance goes, the typing feels natural and comfortable. The keys feel like using a thin keyboard, kind of like the keyboards that come with new iMac computers. The keys are responsive and register to the iPad immediately. This is important because sometimes Bluetooth devices can cause a delay as the accessory synchronizes with the device.

The keyboard works good in both portrait (device facing vertically) and landscape (device facing horizontally) mode, although I’d say the iPad felt more secure when it was stationed in landscape mode, which is fine by me since the majority of applications I use are mainly used in landscape mode anyway. The magnetic latches used to support the iPad are strong enough to where it doesn’t fall over no matter what position you have it in, unlike many iPad cases that I’ve used.

Overall, the Logitech Keyboard Cover has completely changed the way I’ve used my iPad. Blogging on my iPad is no longer a hassle, and with a case providing such a wonderful combination of style, protection, and functionality all-in-one, there is no reason not to get one if a keyboard for your iPad appeals to you. It’s one of the best cases I’ve ever used and I would recommend it to anyone who types a lot. It’s truly amazing that something as small of a case can change the way you use your iPad forever.

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