Top 5 iPhone Cases For Geeks

There’s a bit of geek in all of us I think. In some (like myself), there is more geek in us than others. With thousands of iPhone cases and covers available, it’s inevitable that there are some iPhone cases out there for the geeks in us. Here at iOS Universe we bring us our hand selected top 5. And guess what? Simply post a comment saying which one you like best, and why, and one lucky winner will win the case of their choice! ¬†Without any further ado, let’s begin with number one.

Motherboard iPhone Case


1. Geeky Motherboard iPhone 5 Case

This geeky iPhone case has the graphic of a circuit bard on the back of it. Nothing says geek like computer hardware, right? When people see this on your iPhone, you’ll instantly know that you’re a geek. After all, what other kinds of people would be interested in motherboards and such? I don’t know about you, but I certainly couldn’t picture a chef or farmer using this case, could you?

NES iPhone Case


2. Old School Gaming Controller

This old school gaming case is meant to look like the controller for the original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). Nothing says retro gamer like an iPhone case that has an NES controller on it! My grandfather has this case, and my nephew loves to take it and pretend he’s playing a game on the television with it. It once fooled me! And then.. I realized NES controllers weren’t wireless. Darn.

Gameboy iPhone Case

3. Gameboy Case

A case I’ve personally ordered myself, this soft silicone case looks great on both a black and a white iPhone. For only a few dollars, it can make your smartphone look just like the Nintendo Game Boy. This looks especially great when using a Game Boy Advance emulator on your iPhone!

Lego iPhone Case


4. SmallWorks BrickCase

Lego fans will love the SmallWorks BrickCase. Not only does it have a lego like design, it is actually compatible with actual legos themselves – which means you can build a lego design directly onto your case! Super cool. This effectively means that this case will give you unlimited design potential for your iPhone.

Hard Drive iPhone Case

5. Hard Drive iPhone Case

This hard drive iPhone case looks exactly like a hard drive that would be used within a laptop or desktop. Even the label on the hard drive case looks just like one you’d find on a real one. It may not scream ‘geek’, simply because the majority of people wouldn’t recognize it’s supposed to look like a hard drive, but I still thought it looked nice and worth the money for it.

Are you a fan of geeky iPhone cases? Are there any others you recommend? Or which one of these ones do you like best? Let us know in the comments, we’d like to hear from you!

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