Top Five iPhone Sleeves And Pouches

There are tens of thousands of different accessories available for the iPhone today. With so many different accessories to choose from, how do you know which ones are actually worth buying?

As someone who owns over 200 different iPhone accessories – take it from me, choosing the right accessories for your iPhone is never easy.

Perhaps you’ve decided that you want a sleeve or pouch to store your iPhone in. Sleeves and pouches are sometimes better than cases, because they’re typically light and fit the device well, making it easy to pick up and pull out.

Rather than looking through hundreds of different iPhone sleeves and pouches that are available on the market, we’ve decided to do the work for you. Here we have reviewed the five best iPhone sleeves and pouches available.


Dockem Leather iPhone Sleeve

1. Dockem Leather Sleeve

Our first recommendation is the ultra-thin leather sleeve from Dockem. This leather sleeve for the iPhone 5, 5S, or 5C not only looks fabulous, but protects your phone well. The leather is very form fitting to the device, meaning your iPhone will not shake around inside of the sleeve. The Dockem leather sleeve’s ultra thin design also means that it will not add any bulk to your device, making it as easy as ever to carry it around in your pocket. For less than $7, the Dockem leather sleeve for iPhone is an absolute steal.

Sena Leather iPhone Sleeve


 2. Sena Leather Sleeve

Next up on our list is the leather iPhone sleeve from Sena. This case is made out of extremely high quality leather, and like the Dockem, it is ultra thin to fit well inside of your pocket. The inside is a smooth, and is able to clean the fingerprints off of your device, making it extremely useful for those with oily hands. While a bit more expensive at $30, the Sena Leather Sleeve is the perfect choice if you’re looking to make a long term investment in the safety of your device.

Insten iPhone Sleeve

3. Insten Soft Pouch For iPhone 4/4S

Our next choice is perfect for iPhone 4 and 4S owners on a budget. For less than $3.50, the Insten is the best budget-friendly iPhone pouch for protecting your device while it’s inside of your pocket. Unlike the previous two sleeves, the Insten soft pouch is made out of synthetic suede, and will protect your device from getting scratched and banged about while it’s inside of your pocket. We’ve found it to be a bit big for users without an actual case, but you get what you pay for. For less than $3.50, the Insten Soft Pouch is definitely worth the price.

Wool Felt Carry Sleeve iPhone

4. Wool Felt iPhone Sleeve By Yoshie & Nico

This wool felt iPhone sleeve by Yoshie & Nico has a different look that doesn’t follow the traditional leather design. The sleeve is made out of soft wool and felt, making moisture a bit of an issue. However, the material is of high quality, and there is a button you can snap over the top to prevent your iPhone from falling out. For $12.95, the Wool Felt iPhone Sleeve by Yoshie & Nico is a good option if you like the look of a wool sleeve.

Snugg Leather iPhone Pouch

5. Snugg Leather iPhone Pouch

Last, but certainly not least, we have the Snugg leather iPhone pouch. The Snugg leather iPhone pouch is my number one recommendation for an iPhone pouch, simply because it’s got everything you’d ever want in an iPhone pouch. Not only is it available in a wide variety of colors, the design is brilliant. The leather looks amazing and the stitches look hand done. On top of that, your iPhone fits well in it, and there is a magnetized leather strip used to keep your iPhone perfectly in place. For $17.99, there is simply nothing better than the Snugg leather iPhone Pouch.

Which iPhone sleeve/pouch do you like best? Why?

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