Bejeweled Review (iOS)

Bejeweled for iOS

When match-3 games come to mind, what is the first one you think of? For most people, the answer is Bejeweled. This classic game has gone through many different versions and revamps throughouts its years, and is now available for almost every system. Popcap has now released the game for iOS, but does it live up to the hype?

In Bejeweled, a series of various colored gems fill the screen, and you have to try and get 3 or more of them in a line. When you do, they disappear, and the jewels above fall into its place, and you gain points.  If you’re clever enough, you can even change the sequence in which you match them in order to match 4 or more in a line, which generates special gems. Some explode, or others completely eliminate one color of gems.

Bejeweled Gameplay

Apart from the extremely addictive standard game mode we all know and love, Bejeweled for iOS includes four other fun game modes as well: Butterflies, Diamond Mine, Lighting, and Zen.


Bejeweled Butterflies

Strategy gamers will love the Bejeweled game mode Butterflies. In Butterflies, some gems are turned into butterflies, and after each turn, the butterflies get one tile closer to reaching the top – when they do, they’ll be eaten by a spider, and the game will be over. You have to carefully strategize what moves you make in order to keep the butterflies from being eaten, and rack up as high of a score as possible.

Diamond Mine

Bejeweled Diamond Mine

Diamond Mine is fun for pick up and play gamers, who want to play a quick game and still have a lot of fun. The aim of this game is to quickly dig down by causing gems to burst and remove the dirt. The further down you go, the more seconds is added to your timer, and you can also find additional items in the dirt to add to your score.


Lightning is fun for those sort of people who love quick, intense games. In Lightning, you’re given a timer and you have to rack up as high of a score as possible. Special gems are more easily created in Lightning mode, so it’s a lot of fun if you like seeing huge chain reactions.

Zen Mode

On the opposite end of the scale is Zen Mode, which is perfect for relaxation. You are able to choose between a variety of sounds, such as ocean waves, and play the classic Bejeweled with the inability to fail, for as long as you desire. As you do so, inspirational and relaxing quotes display across the screen. Zen Mode on Bejeweled is one of my favorite games to help me relax, along with Osmos.

Few games are able to appeal to such a wide variety of gamers, and this is what makes Bejeweled such a hit. Each one of the game modes is addicting in their own unique way, and the simple yet addicting style of gameplay never gets old. Best of all, even more game modes are expected to be released in the future.

Bejeweled Rating:

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  1. I am playing bejeweled on my ipad zen game. How do I see what my score is?

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