Bloons Tower Defense 5 Review (iOS)

Bloons Tower Defense 5 Title Screen

If you’ve never played a classic tower defense game before, they kind of go like this. You build towers, which attack enemies trying to make their way from one side of the screen to another on a typically windy track. As you get further and further, enemies increase in quantity and also become stronger – forcing you to strategically place towers with money you earn by defeating the enemies. Bloons Tower Defense 5 for iPhone and iPad isn’t much different. 

Bloons Tower Defense 5 Gameplay
Bloons Tower Defense 5 has features which add a twist to the standard tower defense games. There are a huge variety of different towers – from your standard dart shooters, to temples that can absorb and harness the powers of towers around them, to aircraft that flies through the sky and drops bombs on your enemies.

If the towers are diverse, the maps are even more so. The game offers a seemingly endless set of maps, ranging from your typical tower defense maze-like track, to tracks that change from round to round. Although you beat each map after round 50, that doesn’t mean you’re done. Each map offers a variety of different difficulties, and a variety of game modes, which extend beyond round 50. These include Apopalypse, a game mode in which bloons keep coming endlessly, getting increasingly difficult, and Deflation: a game mode where  you start at round 30 with $50,000 – but are unable to earn any more.

Bloons Tower Defense 5 High Score
Additionally, the developers have added 250 random missions within the game – these can be anything from completing a map using only certain towers to starting with only a single life and seeing how far you can get. Although these missions aren’t the main part of the game, they do add a lot of extra fun to the game – and it’s the tiny things like these that make Bloons Tower Defense 5 one of the best tower defense games on the App Store.

However,  like any game, Bloons Tower Defense 5 does not come without it flaws. The developers spend a lot of effort towards convincing you to buy in game currency, which offers you benefits within the game. These can do anything from giving you a cash boost while playing, or increasing each tower’s attack speed and damage permanently. For a game that’s initially $2.99, getting all the upgrades could easily cost one more than $50. However, these in app purchases aren’t at all necessary to play and succeed on every level within the game.

In conclusion, Bloons Tower Defense 5 is an enjoyable game for everyone. With a variety of different difficulties, it can appeal to both first time tower defense players, as well as the experts who are sick of the genre. With a ton of different levels, a diverse set of towers, and 250 challenges to complete, Bloons Tower Defense 5 is bound to give you many hours of fun.

Bloons Tower Defense 5 Review:

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