Brain Waves Altered States App Review

Altered States
The human brain is amazingly complex. It controls everything in our lives – what we do, how we feel, and how we think. But how easily can the brain be influenced? Did you know that a simple iPhone application is capable of completing changing the way you feel? Let me introduce Altered States from Banzai Labs. Altered States uses the power of binaural beats to change the way you feel, and put you into a variety of moods. There are 15 different modes in total, ranging from beats used to aid in meditation, to beats used to aid in lucid dreaming and improve creativity.

For those that don’t know, binaural beats are simply a variation of tones that play in each ear. Your brain makes up for the variation of the two tones, producing a binaural beat of its own. For example, if the two tones are playing at 25hz and 27hz, the brain will produce a binaural beat of 2hz. The difference between the two tones is what creates the effects.

While all of this is going on, you are also given a variety of relaxing ambience noises to play over the beats. These range from ocean waves, to rain fall, to a ‘space’ like ambience. You’re even given the option to play your own music over the beats, which is an excellent feature that many binaural beat applications do not include. On top of all of that, both the volume level of the ambience and the beats can be adjusted to your desire.Brain Wave Altered States App

The application also comes with a nice alarm. Settings such as ‘lucid dreaming’ require you to fall asleep, so having a built in alarm is a nice addition. Since you’ll have to use headphones for the Altered States app to work, the alarm fades in, rather than coming all on you at once. This allows you to wake up gradually and comfortably.

However, like every application on the App Store, Altered States does not come without its drawbacks. The user interface is a bit hard to use, and has a bit of a learning curve. Additionally, we find it lags a bit on the iPhone 4S, although it’s much smoother on the iPhone 5S.

In the end, Altered States can add something to anyone’s life. With 15 different modes, there is always a way to benefit from this brilliant application. As someone who’s been using it while writing for months now, I can tell you that I’ve had a fun time reviewing Altered States. It will stay with me for a long time.

Altered States Rating:

4.5 / 5

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