Cookie Clicker Hits Top Charts As Obsession Grows

Cookie Clicker iOS

Over the past few months, there’s been an ever growing obsession with clicking on cookies throughout the internet and iOS world.

When developer Ortiel (also known as Julien Thiennot) released the newest version of Cookie Clicker on the internet in August of 2013, it took the internet by storm, and now the game is slowly transitioning over to iOS.

The game idea is incredibly simple – you click on a giant cookie in order to produce more cookies. Those cookies can then be spent to further increase your cookie production, via upgrades such as purchasing farms to make cookies, or by hiring innocent grandmothers to slave over a hot oven and make them for you (ok, maybe it’s not that drastic, but it’s still pretty bad).

The game has almost no story, with the only goal in the game being to make as many cookies as possible. Yet, there’s almost a cult forming over the game, as the obsession with Cookie Clicker is rising. In fact, you can guarantee that there are over 10,000 people playing Cookie Clicker at any given moment. To put that in perspective, 10,000 people looks something like this:

Cookie Clicker Cult

The Cookie Clicking Cult

All. Clicking. Cookies.

Despite the lack of actual gameplay, the developers are planning on adding additional features to the mobile version of Cookie Clicker in the near future.

The game currently has no Game Center achievements, but that is expected to change in a near update. The original game featured more than 60 achievements, and it’s likely many of them will return to Cookie Clicker on iOS.

Cookie Clicker iOS Upgrades

Other planned updates include the ability to upgrade your cookie producing units to give better effects – similar to that on the desktop version of the game, and perhaps an actual story.

It can go without a doubt that the addition of these upgrades will attract even more players, and increase the ever growing obsession with clicking cookies.

Cookie Clicker is free on the App Store, and can be found among the other Top Charts apps like Plants vs Zombies 2, FIFA 14, and other applications that could actually be considered games.

Go out and give it a try – report back and tell us your CPS (cookies per second). I’ve got to go back to click- I mean, work. Go back to work. :)

Don’t have it yet? Download it below:



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  1. this game is so totally pointless. i just don’t even understand what the point is. Are you addicted to this game, James?

    • Hi Curt,

      If you think about it, most games do not have any point at all, except for the purpose of entertainment. Which somehow, Cookie Clicker does. I’d say I play it fairly often.

      Thanks for stopping by,

  2. Unfortunately it’s not so cool as the original web version, and i saw about 40 clones… they are ugly too (((, but few days ago i found this!-i-need-more-cookies!/id723364834?ls=1&mt=8 it’s a awesome clone!

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