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When a paid game on the App Store becomes a huge success, as the original Gravity Guy did, it’s almost inevitable that a sequel is produced. After all, with a huge fanbase, it’s almost guaranteed you’ll make a lot of sales for the next game in the series. Usually, the developers learn from their mistakes and approve the game based on feedback they receive from the players of their game. Unfortunately, Gravity Guy 2 has completely changed, and has taken a step in the wrong direction from its predecessor. 

The Gravity Guy of old is gone. No more switching gravity and bouncing off of boards and platforms. No more testing your reaction speed by trying not to get shot and killed by someone chasing you. No more levels that feel oh so satisfying to complete. Heck, the genre of the game is barely the same. The developers have taken a Jetpack Joyride like approach, and turned the game into more of an endless runner.

Gravity Guy 2 Gameplay

You play as a clone, and like all endless runner games, you simply try and run as far as you can without dying. Along the way, you collect coins, which can be spent on one use upgrades to help you reach farther within the game. To keep yourself away from death, you have the power to raise platforms, as well as give yourself a slight boost in the air.

When we heard that a Gravity Guy 2 was announced, we were hoping for more of the same. At least the original Gravity Guy was unique. Not only is Gravity Guy 2 extremely similar to other (free) endless runner games, the developers try to persuade you to buy coins within the in-game shop – and some prices within the game are so high, that buying the coins is the only way to unlock certain characters and such without wasting hours away trying to collect them.

Gravity Guy 2 also lacks the addictiveness feel that the original Gravity Guy provided. Because there aren’t any permanent unlockables worth pursuing, there is no real incentive to collect coins. Because it’s so much like other endless runners, there’s no real incentive to play this one over others.

It’s a real shame the developers ruined what was the possibility of a great sequel. Almost nothing resembles the original gravity guy, and with much better and cheaper endless runners out there, there is almost no reason to download the second iteration in the Gravity Guy series. If I were you, I’d save your dollar, because Gravity Guy 2 simply is not worth it.

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