Lose Weight And Run From Zombies in Zombies, Run!

With the media hyping a future zombie apocalypse, it’s the perfect time for development company Six to Start to release their newest mobile app, Zombies, Run!  This new application for iOS will transform your regular morning jog to a full out run for your virtual life.

What do you do in Zombies, Run!?

Quite simply, the only way to succeed in Zombies, Run! is to run for your life. The game will take you through an innovative audio story line, in which you’ll be required to run about, collecting virtual supplies to help you survive. The idea is to distract you from the exercise, which many people dislike, and instead capture your mind inside the story. Although the app features built in GPS tracking, you’re not actually required to move around your town, and can instead use it anywhere, a track, or even a treadmill indoors is enough. Should a zombie catch up to you, you’re able to throw one of the virtual items you’ve collected aside to temporarily distract the zombie and let you get further ahead.

During your run, you’ll hear information about how things got the way they are, and what is needed to survive. The story is fairly deep for a mobile app, and knowing it will give you an incentive to run using it, while not completely depriving you from other workout methods. There are 30 missions, and according to the developers, there are even more coming soon.

Features of Zombies, Run!

1. GPS-Tracking

2. Speed-Tracking

3. Ability to use your own music throughout your run

4. Item pickups, and the ability to upgrade your virtual base.

5. A deep storyline

6. Works at any speed – you don’t have to be a great runner to enjoy this application.

7. The ability to share your running route with your friends



Although the app is more expensive than many mobile apps today at $7.99, its quality and deep story line surpass most out there. The idea is very unique and the experience offered through this app is like none other. If you have envisioned the zombie apocalypse, or are looking for a good incentive to run, this application is definitely for you, as it’s a lot of fun.

You can download it by clicking the button below.

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  1. As a big fan of games, this application gives me quite the incentive to run! It sounds quite interesting, a very unique idea. I think I’m going to buy it.

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