Peggle Review (iOS)

Peggle Title Screen

PopCap has done it again with an insanely addictive game, first released for PC, and now available for iOS as well. That game is Peggle, a physics based arcade game that has received over 30 million downloads since launch, and for a good reason.

Peggle is one of those games that is very simple but yet very addicting at the same time. You’re given a device that can shoot pinball like balls, and you aim to try and break all of the orange blocks and balls by hitting them with your pinball. However, doing so isn’t easy as it sounds. Not only are there other obstacles in your way, such as different colored pegs and fish, but you have to make use of the amount of balls given to you at the beginning of each level. Run out, and you have to start the level over.

Peggle Gameplay iPhone

In addition to this, there are other gameplay elements which make the game even more fun. To start, there is a bucket that sweeps along the bottom of the screen. If your ball happens to fall inside that bucket, you’re given an extra free ball to use as a reward. There are also special green pegs, which give you special abilities depending on what stage of the game you’re in (that is, until you’ve unlocked the ability to choose your own). These special abilities range from pinball flippers which can fling your ball back up to the higher part of the screen, to adding extra balls within your turn, to extending the size of the bucket at the bottom of your screen, and much more.

At the end of each level, you go into extreme fever mode, giving you more points for each peg you hit during that turn, and also awarding you bonus points for whatever area of the screen your ball falls into. Your total score is collected throughout the game, so aim to get it as high as possible. Get enough points in a level, and you’ll have achieved the Ace score, which presents you with a nice little ribbon awarding you for your achievement.

Peggle Scores

Despite the extremely addictive game play, there are a few faults within the game. First of all, despite having Game Center integration, Peggle doesn’t have any leaderboards, which is strange considering it collects your total score throughout all the levels. In addition, sometimes the game feels like it’s based more on luck than on user skill, since it’s near impossible to predict the way the ball will bounce after bouncing off multiple pegs. Despite this, Peggle is still an extremely wonderful value for the low price of $1, and we’d recommend it to people of all ages and skill levels.

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