Ranking The Temple Run Games – Which Is The Best?

Temple Run

When people think of endless runner games, the Temple Run series is perhaps the first that comes to mind. When the first Temple Run game was released on the App Store in December, 2011, it was an instant hit, eventually receiving over 50 MILLION downloads. Since then, several other Temple Run games have come out.

Although the concept for all of them is the same, that is, you run endlessly in a test of your reflexes, there have been changes in each of the games that separates from each other. But what is the best Temple Run game?  After hours of playing each one of them, it’s easy to see where they rank among each other.

4. Temple Run

Temple Run 1

Out of all the Temple Run games produced so far, the original is the worst out of all of them. This by no means however means that it’s bad, it’s simply means the developers have done a good job of improving upon it in their future releases.  Having the least amount of features, it also has more simplicity, which may appeal to some players. However in terms of quality, the original Temple Run unfortunately has to go on the bottom of the list.

3. Temple Run: Brave
Temple Run Brave

The next installment of Temple Run added a lot of new features. Based on the Disney/Pixar movie, this new version of Temple Run costs $0.99 on the App Store. The graphics are improved over the original Temple Run, and there are new powerups as well. Additionally, there is an archery feature (pictured below) as well as tokens you collect that let you collect extra bonuses at the end of your game.

TargetsTemple Run Brave Archery








2. Temple Run: Oz

Temple Run: Oz

Temple Run: Oz shows that new does not always mean better. Although better than the previous Temple Run games mentioned in this article, the newest installment of Temple Run is worse than its predecessor, and was clearly only made for the extra money, which isn’t all that surprising. Temple Run: Oz however, does have the nicest graphics out of any of the Temple Run games. However, the game is much harder with new obstacles that appear too close to you, and path that crumbles right in front of you, that’s almost impossible to avoid. Not to mention, this game costs money, while the almost identical Temple Run 2 costs nothing.
Temple Run OzTemple Run: Oz


1. Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2 remains the best Temple Run game of the series. With all sorts of ways to run, whether it be normally on a path, swinging from ropes through the sky, or traveling on a minecart, the level design on here surpasses any other Temple Run game. The obstacles are perfectly generated so passing them actually is based on your skill and reflexes rather than blind luck. Not to mention, the addition of gems, which can be used to revive yourself or boost power-ups was a nice feature.

Temple Run 2 is also much more addicting than the original since the developers have added challenges, similar to those in Jetpack Joyride, which keeps the playing aiming for something rather than just simply running as long as they can.

Temple Run 2

With all those coins you earn while trying to complete the challenges, you can buy the series’ best variety of powerups and characters, each with their own unique ability. All of these things make Temple Run 2 the best Temple Run game yet, and perhaps the best endless runner available on the App Store. And best of all, this one’s free.

What’s your favorite Temple Run game and why?

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