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If you’ve ever tried to write lyrics for a song, you’ll know that sometimes, ideas can pop in your mind at any moment. Wherever you are, something can inspire you to create a killer line or verse for a song. But what if you miss that opportunity and forget your idea? RoadWriter for iOS may help you out.

RoadWriter is a lyric writing app for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. The app provides you a space to record your melodies and write down your lyrics. Within the Rehearsal mode, writers are also able to listen to their iTunes library of inspiration to make lyric writing a tad bit easier.


Although it’s a great idea, the execution of it could be done a lot better. The three different modes within the app don’t really interact with each other – meaning you can’t see lyrics will recording a melody in the Ad Lib mode, for example. Not to mention, the Ad Lib recordings can’t be renamed, so if you have a lot of them you’ll have to keep trying them one by one until you find the one you’re looking for.


Not to mention, the app isn’t bug free either. We mentioned earlier that you can choose music to listen to while writing. However, after saving the lyrics, your option to choose music is removed – no matter what you choose, the app will only play whatever song was being played before pressing the save button. Want to change to a new song? That sucks, you can’t.

Despite our high hopes, we were a bit disappointed with what RoadWriter turned out to be. While we were hoping for something that would combine several key songwriting features to make the experience easier on the go, but we were left with disappointment. The features are there, but they aren’t connected with each other.

RoadWriter iPhone

For $2, there are better alternatives available on the App Store. It’d be a far better value for your dollar to invest in something like Songwriter’s Pad – which not only has more features, but also integrates them together much nicely.

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