Songsterr Review For iPhone and iPad

Songsterr Interface iPhoneAny guitarist, expert to absolute beginner, will have probably spent some time on tablature websites looking up tabs on how to play their favorite song. Anybody who’s been on one of them knows how bad they are – pop up ads, banners, annoying auto-playing audio. It sucks! Not to mention, the tabs are in plain text, so you have no idea when you’re supposed to play each note. Songsterr on iPhone and iPad fixes all of that. Ever looked up plain text tab before? It’s hard to read the rhythms – often, you’ll have to look at the tab while listening to the music to find out when to play each note. A long and tedious process. But don’t worry, with Songsterr, you’ll never have to do that again.

Songsterr works like this – you choose from one of the over 80,000 songs in its database, and then choose the instrument track you want tabs for. That’s right – Songsterr includes tab for each part, even bass guitar and drums! Sometimes, even the vocal pitches will be tabbed out for you as well, which provides a little bit of extra fun.

Then, the tablature is displayed to you on your screen. Press the play button, and not only will it start auto scrolling through the tab for you, it will also play out each note to you through your speaker. This makes playing the correct rhythms extremely easy. If the song is too fast for you to play, you can choose to pause it and scroll through the tablature manually, or slow it down to 1/2 speed so you can still practice it to the rest of the track.

Songsterr is packed with even more features than that though – it also includes a chromatic tuner, so you can tune your guitar to different keys. After all, not every song is in standard tuning! From what I’ve tried, it works flawlessly. Having taken music theory classes for years, I can assure you how annoying it is to play a chord out of tune, but this simply isn’t a problem anymore with Songsterr. Tuning guitars used to be a pain in the neck (most of the tuning apps on iOS suck!), but with Songsterr it has finally been made easy.

Additonally, Songsterr will work anywhere. Songs that have been read before will be saved onto your device for offline viewing, and others can be viewed anywhere there is wi-fi. Very useful for someone who likes to play guitar outdoors, much like myself!

As with any tablature app, it’s not a common fear to worry it may be shut down. After all, we see tablature websites being shut down all the time for legal reasons. Luckily for us, Songsterr is going nowhere. Royalties are paid to all of the artists, and its been determined that Songsterr is 100% legal. Therefore, Songsterr will always be around when you need it.

In conclusion, we’ve yet to find a tablature app as complete as Songsterr. It has completely changed the way we play our guitar, and continues to be one of the best music apps of all time.

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