SquareBall Review (iPhone)

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SquareBall is a perfect mix of classic Pong and a side-scroller. In most games, you control the character, which in this case, would be a square ball (which is strange, balls can’t be squares, but this one bounces quite well!) but SquareBall is unique because instead of controlling the character, you actually control the level. You move the level around as the ball bounces endlessly vertically.

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Along the way, you break blocks to collect points. Green blocks are required to complete the level in the story and challenge modes, and increase the amount of time you have in endless mode. Blue and magenta colored blocks increase your score by 100 and 1000 points respectively.

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The concept is quite simple, but the game most definitely is not. The game gets difficult, and it gets difficult fast. And although I found it frustrating to go for and miss a magenta colored block, I would not get so upset to where I would stop playing, because it always seemed to feel like the next time, I wouldn’t make the same mistake I had done before.


The graphics and sound in this game are superb for its retro style. The guy who wrote the music for this game is the keyboardist for the Swedish 8-bit band, Powerplay, and his compositions for SquareBall might be some of his best work yet. The music that plays in the background as well as the sound effects for the game sound wonderful and really bring back the memories from the old Atari. The game would still be great without the retro style graphics and music, but these are the icing on the cake.

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Squareball Rating:

You can get SquareBall on the App Store by clicking on the image below. For only $0.99, it’s worth the price if you enjoy this type of game.

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