The Binding Of Isaac On iPad – Will It Ever Happen?

The Binding of Isaac has become one of the most popular PC indie games of all time. Best known for its strange story, and randomly generated roguelike gameplay, it’s become loved by millions of gamers worldwide. And like a lot of other indie games, people are hoping that it’ll get made for the iPhone, iPad, or Ipod Touch. But is this likely? Could we see The Binding of Isaac on the iPad? 

It doesn’t seem all that likely. Not only would it take a lot of effort to reprogram the game (written in flash) into Objective-C, the programming language for iOS, but one of the main developers of the game Edmund Mcmillen said that he wouldn’t think it would turn out very well if him and his team tried, simply because there are too many buttons needed. This would lead to a game that’s hard to control.

Additionally, he is busy working on the next Super Meat Boy game as well as the next game in the Binding of Isaac series, Rebirth. Whether or not this game will eventually make its way onto the iPad remains to be seen, but iOS gamers will be hoping it does.

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