Tiny Wings Review

Tiny Wings Gameplay

Every year at the iPhone announcements, Apple and consumers boast about how the devices are getting closer and closer to be able to process console like graphics and gameplay. However sometimes, the simplest games are the best, and that is certainly true with Tiny Wings.

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You play as a bird who is unable to support his or her own weight because of their tiny wings. Luckily for the birds, their enviorment around them is set up to be able to launch them into the air, at least for a little while. No matter how high you’re able to launch yourself off of the hills, you will eventually come back on, and tuck your wings in while going down downslopes in order to gain more speed.

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Your goal in the came is to progress as far as you can before the night time comes. Beating levels increases the amount of time you have, and completing in game objectives increases your score multiplier. Along the way, you collect coins, which boost your score, as well as special blue coins which give you a speed boost. Along with coins, you can also boost your score by flying into the clouds, or by timing your jumps perfectly.


Apart from the normal game mode, there is also an additional game mode called Flight School. In Flight School, you compete against other birds (AI) in a race to get to your nests as fast as possible.

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This acts as a fun alternative should you get bored of the main game mode, but even that is not easy. The game is extremely addicting, it’s simple one touch play will keep you playing game after game. The inclusion of Game Center makes achievement junkies (like me!) keep coming back and tackling the challenges the developers provide for you.

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In fact, this game is so addicting that I had to pull myself away from it just so I can write this review. It’s amazing how a one button, simple concept based game can be so deep and addicting. Timing the jumps is not something you will be able to do consistently, but it feels so satisfying when you do.  Few games have been able to pull this off, and Tiny Wings is one of them.

 Tiny Wings Rating:


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  1. Great Review, Good game!

  2. Very good review. I’m addicted to the game. :/ lol!!! Very fun though!

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