Weight Loss Explosion App Turns Exercise And Healthy Habits Into A Game

Weight Loss Explosion
Losing weight is never easy. Not only do you have to change your diet habits, you have to reorganize your schedule to make time for exercise. On top of all that, you have to deal with the most challenging aspect of it all – keeping yourself motivated to continue your healthy habits until you see desirable results, which can take more than 6 weeks.

Weight Loss Explosion by Eat To Win LLC attempts to make the process of losing weight more fun by turning it into a game.Many people will agree that games are fun, so the idea of a game to help you lose weight was a great one, and may be just the motivation some people need to keep working towards results. Weight Loss Explosion starts out right away by introducing you to the story. You are prompted to enter in your weight and height, and then proceed to choose your avatar. Your avatar is used to represent ‘you’ throughout the entire game.

You also meet a few other characters, including your own personal trainer as well as a rival, who will throw insults at you throughout the entire game. As you shed the pounds away, your rival gains them – until eventually he grows obese and explodes.
Weight Loss Explosion
Completing exercise and other various in-game activities earns you credits, which can be used to purchase clothing and other in-game accessories for your avatar, which gives you further incentive to complete exercises.

Along with the exercises recommended in the application, there are also various health tips and quizzes within the app to test your knowledge. One feature that really stood out was the option to be prompted every two hours to drink a cup of water, because as we know, drinking enough water each day is extremely important for our bodies.

Although the application has huge potential, the idea wasn’t executed as well as it could be. The storyline is extremely linear, meaning that you are prompted to do only what it tells you, rather than being able to choose your own workout routines or exercises. And although a timer is included with each workout, you are not required to use it and could theoretically just hammer the ‘next’ button to amass huge amounts of credits and quickly complete the relatively thin story.

The application does teach quite a few things about staying healthy, but for a dollar, there are more complete applications available on the App Store to help you stay healthy and motivated. While the developers claim that the story will be expanded soon, it’s just not complete enough in its current state. If more exercise routines and health tips were added to the application, it would be more of a competitor, but for now, we just can’t justify spending a dollar on Weight Loss Explosion while there are better applications out there.

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