iOS 7 Jailbreak Is Out – But Can You Trust It?

After months and months of waiting, users running iOS 7 to iOS 7.0.4 can now jailbreak their iDevices – even the new iPad Mini Retina and iPad Air. Usually, this would be fantastic news – after all, users have been waiting a long time to unlock the full potential of their device. This time, however things are different. This time, you may not want to jailbreak.  [Read more...]

Everything You Need To Know About MFi Gaming Controllers

Logitech Powershell

Back in June, Apple announced something that could change the mobile gaming industry forever: a standard for iOS gaming controllers known as Made For iPhone (or MFi) for short.

With the controller support that came with iOS 7, users can now use controllers with physical buttons rather than being forced to use the cramped buttons on the iPhone or iPod’s touch screen.

Let’s look into it a bit further into how it works. As pictured above, you can see that the iPhone is plugged directly into the controller. While this is currently the standard, standalone controllers are also being made which connect to your iPhone or iPod Touch via BlueTooth.

Although we aren’t quite seeing them yet, MFi has huge advantages for both the consumer and the developer. Let’s break it down. [Read more...]

Cookie Clicker Hits Top Charts As Obsession Grows

Cookie Clicker iOS

Over the past few months, there’s been an ever growing obsession with clicking on cookies throughout the internet and iOS world.

When developer Ortiel (also known as Julien Thiennot) released the newest version of Cookie Clicker on the internet in August of 2013, it took the internet by storm, and now the game is slowly transitioning over to iOS. [Read more...]

One Important Aspect The iPad Air Is Lacking In

iPad Air Internal

The iPad Air brought a lot of new improvements to the table. While we did get some external improvements in terms of an all new design, the majority of the improvements came from the inside. Dual microphones and Wi-Fi antennas. Front-facing camera improvements. Best of all, the addition of a brand new, dual core 64-bit processor.

However, there was one aspect we were expecting to be improved, and we were wrong. We’re surprised that Apple has not added this to the iPad Air, and it comes to us as a huge shock considering all the other improvements that have been done to that device. What is it, you may ask?  [Read more...]

Everything You Need To Know About The iPad Mini Retina

iPad Mini Retina

Perhaps the greatest announcement of Apple’s October 2013 event was that of the iPad Mini Retina. The iPad Mini Retina far exceeded the expectations of us consumers, announcing several new improvements to the tablet. Here’s a rundown of everything you need to know about the iPad Mini Retina.  [Read more...]

Everything You Need To Know About The iPad Air

iPad Air

Apple’s October event came with a plethora of announcements, however the main focus of the event was the introduction of the 5th generation iPad, the iPad Air. In case you missed it, here are the most important announcements made about the iPad Air.  [Read more...]

Apple Event – Live Blog

Here is our live blog of the October Apple Event. The event can be we watched live by clicking here, but everything will be covered below as well.

Due to problems with Apple’s stream, we’re a little late. Sorry!

Click here and find out what Apple may be showcasing during today’s event!

The Apple Event is now over. Check back soon for a recap of all the major announcements and more information. Thank you for tuning in to iOS Universe’s Live Blog for the October 2013 Apple Event! 

11:26 Apple stock begins to drop, as no new product lines were announced.

11:24 Apple Event has wrapped up, all products will be available for the holidays.

11:22 Apple showing us an ad for the new iPad Air.

11:20 Seems the new iPads will not have Touch ID, seems it’ll be left to the next generation.

11:19 Apple shows us their new colorful cases and covers for the iPad Air and iPad Mini.

11:18 iPad Mini 2 now has a retina display.

11:14 Apple shows us another video, this time about the new iPad and iOS 7.

11:12 iPad Air will have dual microphones, comes in White, Silver, Space Grey, and Black. 

11:11 iPad Air twice as fast as previous generation iPad.

11:09 We were right, the next iPad will be 64-bit.

11:09 New iPad Air weighs just 1 pound. Lightest full sized tablet in the world.

11:07 Next iPad will be called the iPad Air.

11:06 Apple begins talking about the next generation of iPad. 64-bit iPads to be announced soon.

11:03 Apple showcasing a short video about iPad usage.

11:02 More than 475,000 apps have been designed for iPad.

11:01 iPad has been used 4x more than all other tablets put together.

11:00 170 million iPads have been sold. And it’s only been a few years since it’s been released!

10:59 Tim Cook begins talking about the iPad.

10:57 “Today is the biggest day ever for Apps” – Over 20 apps updated, iLife and iWork now free.

10:55 Collaboration announced for iWork and iCloud, now we’re just hoping it comes to Xcode.

10:53 Current iLife Apps: “Most powerful, easiest to use.” 

10:50 iLife will be free on both Mac OS X and iOS. GarageBand, Pages, Numbers, and Keynote all receive updates.

10:46 GarageBand now has a virtual drummer, with lots of features. It’s actually a lot more useful than it looks if you’re a musician, drumming previously was incredibly hard (at least to make it sound good)

10:45 Garageband now supports up to 32 tracks. But will anyone actually take advantage of that? Most people who need that many tracks are using better software.

10:45 “If you have a 64-bit device” – 64-bit iPads are pretty much confirmed. Only a matter of time before they’re announced.

10:45 Mavericks is FREE” is trending Worldwide right now. It’s true! And it’ll be available today.

10:43 Photobooks are coming to iPad.

10:40 Apple shows us a video preview on how the Mac Pro was created.

10:37 The Mac Pro will start at $2999, and will go on sale in December.

10:36 Apple Announces new version of Final Cut Pro, Apple’s best video editing software.

10:35 Mac Pro will be able to use up to 3 4K video screens. Talk about high resolution!

10:33 Mac Pro comes with 1866mhz RAM, and Dual Workstation GPUs, up to 12GB GDDR5 VRAM

10:32 Apple begins talking about the Mac Pro, which was announced earlier this year.

10:31 Macbook Air starting at $999, MacBook Pro starting at $1299

10:31: 15 inch MacBook Pro announced, starting at $1999, shipping today.

10:25: Mavericks will be free, and available today.

October 22nd Apple Event – What We Can Expect To See

Apple Event October 2013


It’s official – Apple has announced their fall 2013 event, which is going to be hosted on October 22nd, 2013. Stating, “We still have a lot to cover”, it’s expected that we’re going to hear a lot about multiple products during the event later this month. But what exactly will Apple be covering at the October 2013 Apple Event? We can’t know for sure now, but there are quite a few things we can expect.  [Read more...]

How To Automatically Add Lyrics To Your iTunes Songs

Having the lyrics of a song at your disposal is a powerful tool. Not only do the lyrics help a song make a lot more sense, knowing them often times makes the songs more enjoyable to listen to, because you’re able to follow along. Tapping your foot to the rhythm is great and all, but sometimes you want to be able to sing along, and that can only be done by knowing the lyrics. But how exactly do you get the lyrics for all the songs on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch? It could be done manually, but that is a long and tedious process nobody wants to go through, especially if you have a larger library of songs. Thankfully, tools have been created that can do this task automatically. [Read more...]

Mophie Juice Pack iPhone Case Review

Mophie Juice Pack

One of the biggest complaints about the iPhone is about its battery. The battery life of the iPhone isn’t as great as it could be. Worse of all, the iPhone doesn’t allow you to easily swap out batteries, meaning the only to recharge your phone is to plug it in and wait for it to charge.

Unfortunately, most people don’t carry chargers around with them. Not only is it a huge inconvenience, but the cords get tangled and lost inside your pocket or bag.

What if you didn’t have to deal with such an inconvenience? What if you could completely recharge your phone anywhere, without having to deal with those annoying cords? What if you could double your iPhone’s battery life with the flick of a switch?

It’s now possible with the Mophie Juice Pack iPhone Case.

[Read more...]