Imgur Browser Review

The internet is full of media – video, music, but most of all, pictures. It’s human nature to want to share great (or not so great) media we find on the internet, and that’s exactly why Imgur was created.

Imgur is a photo sharing website that lets you upload and share and categorize different types of photos. After uploaded, other Imgur users can ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ the photo, as well as leave comments on it to voice their opinions. Because each image is categorized, users can find pictures of whatever they want to see – whether it be computers, to cats, to just general funny pictures.

Imgur is great, but the one thing Imgur has been missing is a great mobile app that lets you access it on the go. That was, until now.  [Read more...]

RoadWriter Review

If you’ve ever tried to write lyrics for a song, you’ll know that sometimes, ideas can pop in your mind at any moment. Wherever you are, something can inspire you to create a killer line or verse for a song. But what if you miss that opportunity and forget your idea? RoadWriter for iOS may help you out. [Read more...]

Zombieville USA 2 Review (iOS)

Zombieville USA 2 Title Screen
Picture this: You’re running through the abandoned streets of the USA wearing a top hat and gunning down a horde of zombies? What could be cooler than that, right? Zombieville USA 2 is a side scrolling shooter that lets you do exactly that. [Read more...]

Bloons Tower Defense 5 Review (iOS)

Bloons Tower Defense 5 Title Screen

If you’ve never played a classic tower defense game before, they kind of go like this. You build towers, which attack enemies trying to make their way from one side of the screen to another on a typically windy track. As you get further and further, enemies increase in quantity and also become stronger – forcing you to strategically place towers with money you earn by defeating the enemies. Bloons Tower Defense 5 for iPhone and iPad isn’t much different.  [Read more...]

Freemium Games Are Ruining The App Store

If you’ve ever downloaded a free game from the App Store, chances are you’ve seen something like this. You open up the game, start playing, and think, “Wow, this game is kind of fun! How is this game free?”
You keep playing, and then it hits you. You go to do something – access a certain feature, for example and you’re greeted with something like this: “Accessing this feature costs 5 gold/keys/gems. Buy now?” [Read more...]

Songsterr Review For iPhone and iPad

Songsterr Interface iPhoneAny guitarist, expert to absolute beginner, will have probably spent some time on tablature websites looking up tabs on how to play their favorite song. Anybody who’s been on one of them knows how bad they are – pop up ads, banners, annoying auto-playing audio. It sucks! Not to mention, the tabs are in plain text, so you have no idea when you’re supposed to play each note. Songsterr on iPhone and iPad fixes all of that.  [Read more...]

5 Jetpack Joyride Tips To Improve Your High Score

Jetpack Joyride High Score

Can you believe that Jetpack Joyride, the simple little endless runner game, has over 50 million downloads? But where are you ranked among the other players? What is your high score? No matter how high or how low it is, by following these 5 Jetpack Joyride tips, you can ensure it will improve. [Read more...]

Cut The Rope Review (iOS)

Cut The Rope Title Screen

Becoming one of the most popular iPhone games of all the time, this physics based puzzle game continues to impress. Even after a year, Cut The Rope is still an extremely entertaining game, making it worthy of a review here on iOS Universe.  [Read more...]

Bike Race Pro Review

Bike Race Pro Title Screen

It takes a great application to hit the top charts of the App Store, and then stay there for a long time. That’s exactly what Bike Race Pro  has done, and that’s exactly why we’re providing our review of the hit game. Here is our review Bike Race Pro for iPhone.  [Read more...]

Top Landscaping Apps For iPhone And iPad

Spring is here. The time where landscaping begins, the time where we all prepare our yards and gardens for the summer ahead. 100 years ago, this task was much harder. We had to have a good knowledge of plants specific to your area if you wanted them to grow and thrive in your garden. We didn’t have these landscaping applications on our iPhones to help guide us through this task like we do today. Below, you will find the top landscaping applications available for iPhone and iPad.  [Read more...]