Should You Get The Black Or White iPhone?

Black And White iPhone

You’ve already chosen a carrier. You’ve already had to decide how much storage space you’re getting.  That’s a lot to handle, right? And what sucks is, the decisions aren’t even done there. Next you’ll have to choose the color – should you get the black or white iPhone? This is a decision some people spend hours pondering. A decision that can’t be changed – you’ll have to stick with it through your entire iPhone experience. Feel the pressure yet? Don’t worry, we’re going to try and make this decision as easy as possible for you.  [Read more...]

Should Apple Produce A Phablet?

With more and more companies beginning to produce ‘phablets’, that is, tablets with phone capabilities, it brings up an important question. Should Apple do the same? Would it be beneficiary for Apple to produce a phablet? 

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How Much Storage Do You Really Need On Your iPhone?

So you decided that it’s time to buy a new phone. You’ve came to the conclusion that you want an iPhone. But now you may be asking yourself, “How much space do I need on my iPhone?”.  You want to buy enough space to suit your needs, but you don’t want to spend more money then you have to. Fortunately, this article will help you decide the right model for your needs.

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Implementing iPhones Into Cars – The Possibilities

Twenty years ago, everyone had big thoughts of the future of everyday life. Transportation becoming one of those big wonders, what were the possibilities? Although we have yet to have flying cars, the way we travel from place to place has changed quite a bit in recent years. Although cars have been developed that can drive themselves, those are not yet ready for mass production.

So what is the next big thing in automobiles? Mobile integration. There is a plethora of possibilities if the iPhone were to be integrated into new automobiles, and it all possible now with Siri.

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Apple Needs New Innovations To Stay King Of Smartphones

Without a doubt, Apple is in a decline right now. Their stock has fell over $250 in the past six months, the fastest it’s ever fell, and it’s only Apple’s fault. Competitors such as Samsung and Microsoft are beginning to take over the smartphone market with more powerful hardware, and new features. Although the iPhone still remains the best selling smartphone out, that may not be the case for much longer if Apple fails to come up with new innovations to fend off their competitors.

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Why Next Gen iDevices Will Not Make Yours Obsolete

A common worry whenever the next generation of iDevices are announced is that current owners will feel like it’s a necessity to upgrade because the next generation will make their device obsolete. Luckily for consumers, this is almost never the case. In fact, if I didn’t own this website, I wouldn’t upgrade my iDevices that often at all, and here’s why.

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Should You Buy The iPhone 5 Or Wait For The 5S?

We’re in that awkward period of time, about half a year since Apple released the iPhone 5, and about half a year away from when it’s expected Apple’s next iPhone will be released. Because of this awkward time period, it’s really hard to decide if one should buy the iPhone 5 now, or if would be worth waiting for the iPhone 5S to come out this fall. Depending on your situation, you may or may not want to buy an iPhone 5 now. Read on and decide.

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