5 Features We Need To See in iOS 8

iOS 8

iOS 7 is known for being the biggest change to Apple’s mobile operating system to date. Along with a complete redesign, Apple also added many long needed features to iOS 7, such as the Control Center, allowing you to access device functions extremely quickly. While the features that Apple added to iOS 7 are great, there are still many improvements that we will hopefully see with the release of iOS 8.  [Read more...]

Poll: Do You Like The Design Of iOS 7?

iOS 6 vs iOS 7

iOS 7 has brought the biggest design change to ever happen to iOS. Ditching the previous look that Apple has stuck by for so many years, iOS 7 brought something completely new to the table – a new, flat look.

However, many of us don’t like change. Although nobody can deny the new features are great, there are greatly mixed opinions about Apple’s newest design. After all, when there is a change this big, it’s hard to please everyone. There will be people who love, it and there will be people that hate it.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the design of iOS 7! Would you consider the design of iOS 7 an upgrade or a downgrade from iOS 6? You can voice your opinion in the box below.

How To Prepare For iOS 7

iOS 7 will be a major upgrade of the operating system your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch will run on. Deemed as the biggest change to iOS since it was introduced, you can guarantee iOS 7 will change the way you use your device. Here are four things you can do to prepare your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch for iOS 7.  [Read more...]

5 iOS 7 Features Apple Didn’t Tell Us About

We learned a lot about iOS 7 during WWDC. We learned about the big redesign that brings a more flat look to iOS 7, and we learned about new major features such as control center. But the list certainly does not end there – there are a heck of a lot more features hidden in iOS 7 that Apple did not show off to us. Here are a few of them.  [Read more...]

Apple’s Newest Mistake – Apps Updating Automatically

Edit: Now with more information available, we know that this option is toggleable. If the option to toggle this feature on or off was not there, here would be my thoughts.

A while back we wrote an article on a cool jailbreak tweak that can update your applications automatically, Auto App Updater. And while this feature would be extremely convenient for some people, that’s not the case for everyone. In fact, requiring your applications to be updated, or having them update automatically could cause a huge issue for some iOS users, and here’s why.  [Read more...]

How Safe Is Your iPhone From Malware?

iPhone Virus

We hear about it all the time. Your computer gets infected with a nasty virus. It becomes almost unusable, your personal information gets stolen, and someone ran up a huge credit card bill for you. Scary, right? But could this happen on your iPhone without you even knowing it?

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Five Things We Need To See In iOS 7

Although iOS is one of the most popular mobile operating systems currently out, like every OS, it has its areas where it shines, and its areas where improvement is needed. I have used iOS for a very long time, and although most every major update brings significant improvements, there are still areas that need to be improved.

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Apple Keeps Siri Data From Users

Did you know that every time you successfully use Siri (that is, it’s able to connect to a wifi or data network and you get a response back) that your audio snippets are saved and sent to Apple? That’s right, everything you say to Siri is saved on Apple’s servers. But how big of an issue is this really?

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iCloud Overview

Do you know what cloud computing is? Studies show that nearly 25% of people do, and it’s becoming more involved with our lives each and every day. Some people say it’s the future of computing. iCloud is one of the highlights of iOS 5, it’s even on the new iPhone 4S box. Apple has spoken a lot about it, but did they overhype it? Some may think so, but I find iCloud to be extremely useful, and so do the millions of people using the service regularly.

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