Why Would Nguyen Remove Flappy Bird From The App Store?

If you’ve spent any time around someone with an iPhone within recent weeks, chances are you’ve heard about the new game Flappy Bird. Flappy Bird, a simple game in which the goal is to keep your bird alive, has soared to the top of the Top Charts and has stayed there for a quite a while. Meanwhile, the developer of the game, Dong Nguyen, announced on his Twitter that he will be removing the game from the App Store very soon. What could’ve possibly caused him to make such a big decision?  [Read more...]

Everything You Need To Know About The iPad Air

iPad Air

Apple’s October event came with a plethora of announcements, however the main focus of the event was the introduction of the 5th generation iPad, the iPad Air. In case you missed it, here are the most important announcements made about the iPad Air.  [Read more...]

Apple Event – Live Blog

Here is our live blog of the October Apple Event. The event can be we watched live by clicking here, but everything will be covered below as well.

Due to problems with Apple’s stream, we’re a little late. Sorry!

Click here and find out what Apple may be showcasing during today’s event!

The Apple Event is now over. Check back soon for a recap of all the major announcements and more information. Thank you for tuning in to iOS Universe’s Live Blog for the October 2013 Apple Event! 

11:26 Apple stock begins to drop, as no new product lines were announced.

11:24 Apple Event has wrapped up, all products will be available for the holidays.

11:22 Apple showing us an ad for the new iPad Air.

11:20 Seems the new iPads will not have Touch ID, seems it’ll be left to the next generation.

11:19 Apple shows us their new colorful cases and covers for the iPad Air and iPad Mini.

11:18 iPad Mini 2 now has a retina display.

11:14 Apple shows us another video, this time about the new iPad and iOS 7.

11:12 iPad Air will have dual microphones, comes in White, Silver, Space Grey, and Black. 

11:11 iPad Air twice as fast as previous generation iPad.

11:09 We were right, the next iPad will be 64-bit.

11:09 New iPad Air weighs just 1 pound. Lightest full sized tablet in the world.

11:07 Next iPad will be called the iPad Air.

11:06 Apple begins talking about the next generation of iPad. 64-bit iPads to be announced soon.

11:03 Apple showcasing a short video about iPad usage.

11:02 More than 475,000 apps have been designed for iPad.

11:01 iPad has been used 4x more than all other tablets put together.

11:00 170 million iPads have been sold. And it’s only been a few years since it’s been released!

10:59 Tim Cook begins talking about the iPad.

10:57 “Today is the biggest day ever for Apps” – Over 20 apps updated, iLife and iWork now free.

10:55 Collaboration announced for iWork and iCloud, now we’re just hoping it comes to Xcode.

10:53 Current iLife Apps: “Most powerful, easiest to use.” 

10:50 iLife will be free on both Mac OS X and iOS. GarageBand, Pages, Numbers, and Keynote all receive updates.

10:46 GarageBand now has a virtual drummer, with lots of features. It’s actually a lot more useful than it looks if you’re a musician, drumming previously was incredibly hard (at least to make it sound good)

10:45 Garageband now supports up to 32 tracks. But will anyone actually take advantage of that? Most people who need that many tracks are using better software.

10:45 “If you have a 64-bit device” – 64-bit iPads are pretty much confirmed. Only a matter of time before they’re announced.

10:45 Mavericks is FREE” is trending Worldwide right now. It’s true! And it’ll be available today.

10:43 Photobooks are coming to iPad.

10:40 Apple shows us a video preview on how the Mac Pro was created.

10:37 The Mac Pro will start at $2999, and will go on sale in December.

10:36 Apple Announces new version of Final Cut Pro, Apple’s best video editing software.

10:35 Mac Pro will be able to use up to 3 4K video screens. Talk about high resolution!

10:33 Mac Pro comes with 1866mhz RAM, and Dual Workstation GPUs, up to 12GB GDDR5 VRAM

10:32 Apple begins talking about the Mac Pro, which was announced earlier this year.

10:31 Macbook Air starting at $999, MacBook Pro starting at $1299

10:31: 15 inch MacBook Pro announced, starting at $1999, shipping today.

10:25: Mavericks will be free, and available today.

October 22nd Apple Event – What We Can Expect To See

Apple Event October 2013


It’s official – Apple has announced their fall 2013 event, which is going to be hosted on October 22nd, 2013. Stating, “We still have a lot to cover”, it’s expected that we’re going to hear a lot about multiple products during the event later this month. But what exactly will Apple be covering at the October 2013 Apple Event? We can’t know for sure now, but there are quite a few things we can expect.  [Read more...]

Apple Hints The Next iPhone May Be Called The iPhone 6

With the release of the iPhone 3GS, as well as the iPhone 4S, we can never be sure what the next iPhone would be called. We’ve assumed for a while that the next iPhone would be called the iPhone 5S, however Apple has hinted at us earlier today that our assumptions may have been wrong. [Read more...]

Otterbox Acquires Main Competitor Lifeproof

Otterbox is one of the biggest producers of quality iPhone cases out there right now. Best known for their defender series of cases, Otterbox has provided cases that have saved millions of people from breaking their iPhone. Over the next month, Otterbox will begin its acquisition of Lifeproof, one of their main competitors, and become an even bigger company, with a new line of products. “Our goal in this acquisition is to create more value for our customers than we ever could have generated while operating individually” says Otterbox CEO, Brian Thomas.

Otterbox and Lifeproof currently have 650 and 250 employees respectively, and it’s predicted that everyone from both companies will keep their jobs for the time being.

Although both companies have been known for creating quality, protective iPhone cases, it seems like Otterbox is going to dominate the future. We’ll find out more about Otterbox’s plans for the future within the next month.

Revolutionary New Game Show “The Million Second Quiz” Lets You Play From Home

The Million Second Quiz Logo
Have you ever dreamed of being on a game show? What if I told you that it was now possible, all because of an app on your phone? What if I told you that you could be flown to a giant hourglass shaped structure in New York for the chance to win up to 10 million dollars?

The Million Second Quiz allows you to do just that.  [Read more...]

Google Chromecast Brings Airplay Like Features To iOS For A Cheaper Price

If you’ve ever used an iPhone before, chances are you’ve seen the Airplay symbol. You know, the little button that lets you mirror what’s on your iPhone onto your Apple TV. Great. But what’s the problem with that, you may ask? You have to have an Apple TV for it to work, and not everybody has $100 to go shell out for one.

But now with Google’s new product, Chromecast, you no longer need an Apple TV to use this feature. Chromecast turns your iPhone (or Android) into a remote you can use to control what’s on your TV. You can use it to mirror web pages for a better viewing experience, or stream media (such as YouTube or Pandora) instantly. Not to mention, it’s a lot cheaper than the Apple TV at only $35.

What’s the real advantage over Airplay here, though? Google has also released a software development kit for integrating Chromecast with applications. Since so many developers are developing for both Android and iOS, they may favor integrating Chromecast over Airplay for their applications.

Although it won’t completely change iOS, the entire iPhone experience is sure to be improved with the addition of Chromecast. Will developers pick it up and really start utilizing it in their apps? We’ll have to wait and see.

Apple Celebrates Five Years Of The App Store

5 Years Of The App Store

Apple has begun celebrating the 5th anniversary of the App Store by making some of the most popular apps over the year free for a limited time. Some of these applications include games such as Tiny Wings, Where’s My Water, and Infinity Blade 2.
They’ve also released a nice little timeline displaying key events in the App Store that have made it, “the world’s most innovative destination for apps” These landmarks go all the way back from the beginning of the App Store, with only 500 apps available, to now, with more than 900,000 apps available on the App Store. The timeline covers everything in between, including the dates for a certain number of apps downloaded, as well as the most popular apps of each year.

Other apps that have gone free for today include: Badland, Gator CrossOver, Traktor DJ, Mirror’s Edge (iPhone/iPad) Flight Control, Ground Bombers, Dead Space (iPhone/iPad), Peggle (iPhone/iPad) and the original Infinity Blade. You can download them for free by clicking the links above.

With five years of the App Store gone, it’s interesting to think what the future of the App Store has in store for us! :)

iOS 7 Receives Design Overhaul Among Other Features

iOS 7 Flat Design

It was announced at the Worldwide Developers Conference today that iOS 7 is set to receive a completely new look and design, among other new features. Ever since the release of the original iPhone, iOS has had the same sort of look, but this year, Apple plans to change that.

It appears that Apple are going for a flat, simple look, similar to that of the Window’s metro design. “The biggest change to iOS since the release of the original iPhone” says Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Along with the new design, iOS 7 brings all new features as well. Among these new features is the new Control center, which can be activated from swiping up from the bottom of your iPhone. Here you’ll be able to control all the little things on your device, switches, toggles, and settings, similar to what the SBSettings jailbreak tweak has been offering us for years.

iOS 7 Control Center

But that’s not the only new big feature in iOS 7. The operating system will now take note of what applications you use a lot, and what applications you don’t use. iOS will use this information to dedicate different amounts of system resources to specific applications.

Both the camera application and Siri will receive improvements in iOS 7 as well. Instagram like filters have been added to the camera, as well as different shooting modes such as panorama. Meanwhile, users will have the option of giving Siri different voices.


Finally, we’ve been told that the App Store will now update your applications automatically – something that may or may not be an improvement. Sometimes, people purposely avoid updating applications because the new releases of applications can be buggy, or add additional advertisements. What’s your opinion on the matter?

But the list doesn’t end here! There are many more features within iOS 7 that Apple didn’t announce. Which ones look to be your favorite so far? Let us know below.