Hidden Tethering Feature Slips By Apple Within App

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Every once and a while, an application sneak’s past Apple’s app testing crew, who is responsible for testing approving all applications before they are published on the App Store. On Monday, the 27th of May, yet another one of these applications has slipped past, this time featuring a hidden data tethering feature within the application.  [Read more...]

Police Go Undercover To Reduce iPhone Theft – But Is It Legal?

Theft of smartphones has been becoming more of an issue over recent years as they are becoming more and more common to carry, particularly with the iPhone. Despite the efforts from the police in San Francisco, they are unable to find success in trying to catch the thieves in the act and are now trying out a new tactic – scaring off the buyers.

Police in San Francisco have been going undercover in areas notorious for trading stolen goods, and selling iPhones that they are clearly suggesting are stolen. They are having the buyers offer a price, and then having a pair of undercover officers nearby bust them for attempting to buy merchandise they clearly know is stolen.

By doing so, police in San Francisco are hoping people will be more reluctant to buy stolen iPhone’s as they will never know for sure if the seller is a police officer or not.

But is this act legal? The whole idea of this clearly screams entrapment – that is, a defence which can be used that says police are pressuring people into doing criminal acts. Because the police are having the buyers name the price, this is not considered entrapment or baiting.

How well will this idea work out? It’s hard to know for sure. Police in New York City have tried a similar approach in the past and ended up facing lawsuits in which the defendant said they were pressured and baited by police. Despite this, it’s been reported that this tactic has been effective so far and hopefully it will reduce iPhone theft.

iPhone 5S – Are You Part Of The 30%?

A recent survey has concluded that 3 out of 10 phone shoppers are planning to buy the iPhone 5S. They say this, yet Apple has not released much information at all about the iPhone 5S, when it will even be available, or how much it will cost. I, personally, am one of the 30%.  Some people may call me crazy, but I would pre-order the iPhone 5S right now if I could, without knowing hardly anything about it, and here’s why.

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T-Mobile Begins Selling iPhone

T-Mobile stores around the world began selling Apple’s iPhone on Friday, April 12th. Pictures posted on Twitter have shown that small lines have began forming earlier that morning with consumers eager to finally be able to purchase the smart phone on the nation’s #4 most popular carrier.

Interviewed outside of a T-Mobile store in Seattle this morning, 41 year old Amber Peters says, “I know I probably don’t need to be, but I’m here this morning because I want to make sure I am able to get the iPhone.” She goes on to say, “My whole family has been on T-Mobile for a few years, my son and I have wanted to get an iPhone, but we haven’t been able to switch carriers. We are happy with T-Mobile and are happy that we can finally get the phone we’ve always wanted.”

The beginning of iPhone sales with T-Mobile is good news for them, as they’ve previously been stuck on the sideline as their major competitors AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint received tons of revenue from iPhone sales at their initial releases.

T-Mobile hopes the launch of the iPhone under their network will help begin a new era for the company. They are doing a good thing with their new “uncarrier” idea, in which, there is no contract for the iPhone, rather, a flat fee up front and then monthly installments to cover the cost of the phone. Offering an alternative option to the other providers will be a sure way to win over consumers who this idea appeals to.

I was later able to contact Amber through email, asking her what she thought of her new iPhone. Her response, “I couldn’t be happier.”



T-Mobile To Add The iPhone



After years of waiting, T-Mobile finally announced today that it would begin selling the iPhone. Deeming themselves as the “uncarrier”, T-Mobile will be the only provider to not bind the iPhone  to a two year contract. Instead, consumers will put a $99 down payment in, and then pay for the rest of the phone via $20 per month fees on top of the pre-paid fees. If this idea does not sound appealing, consumers also have the option of paying for the full phone at once, and cutting off the extra fees.

T-Mobile hopes that by approaching a different approach, with no contracts or subsidies, they will be able to attract more consumers than their competitors. T-Mobile has taken a huge step forward by allowing the world’s most popular smart phone to be provided by them.

The iPhone 4, 4S, and  5 will be available for sale on T-Mobile starting April 12th.

Apple Releases iOS 6.1.3, Do Not Update If You Plan To Jailbreak

As of Tuesday, March 19th, Apple has released iOS 6.1.3. This patch fixes several security issues including an exploit in which people could bypass the passcode lock on the iDevices by doing a series of steps, including making an emergency call. People looking to jailbreak should know that this patch also fixes the exploits used in the evasi0n jailbreaking tool used to jailbreak devices on iOS 6, so it’s highly recommended that you do not update your device to firmware 6.1.3 if you are looking to jailbreak in the near future.

People who have already jailbroken should also be very careful on what they install now from Cydia. Because Apple will have stopped signing 6.1.2 firmware, and since they have patched the ability to downgrade using SHSH blobs, people forced to restore their iDevice through iTunes will be left without a jailbreak until a new method of jailbreaking firmware 6.1.3 is available.