What Can We Expect From Apple In 2014?

2013 was a huge year for Apple. iOS 7 was released, and was the biggest change of iOS to date. The completely redesigned Mac Pro was announced. The iPhone 5S, iPad Air, and iPad Mini Retina were released as well. But what can we expect from Apple in the future?

Every year starts with hope of what lies ahead. But can Apple top their advancements in 2013? We believe that Apple will do exactly that, and that 2014 will be the biggest year for Apple since the release of the iPad.

We didn’t see any new products from Apple this past year, but that’s expected to change in 2014. As a matter of fact, we may just see two entire new product lines, which may just completely change the way we interact with technology in the future.  [Read more...]

Is A Gold iPad In Production?

Gold iPad Mini

The launch of the iPhone 5S featured an all new color scheme for Apple – most noticeably, the addition of a gold tinted iPhone. Is the iPad the next Apple product to feature a splash of color? Is a gold iPad in production?  [Read more...]

iPhone 5S Rumor Roundup – What Can Be Expected At The iPhone 5S Unveiling

It’s official: The iPhone 5S is to be unveiled on September 10th, 2013. However, what can we expect to see at Apple’s unveiling event? What new features are likely to be introduced with the iPhone 5S? Here is a roundup of the most popular iPhone 5S rumors that have been circling around the internet. [Read more...]

How Would Apple Utilize A Fingerprint Scanner?

Among many other rumors, it’s expected that Apple will feature a fingerprint scanner with the upcoming iPhone 5S. But how exactly would Apple use this fingerprint scanner on the iPhone? What uses would it have, and why should we care about it?  [Read more...]

iOS 7 Expected To Receive A Design Overhaul

Since the original iPhone, the design of the operating system hasn’t changed much at all. We still have the set application icons, the same animations, and the same layout. The good news is, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. People who have owned an iOS device before will have an easy time upgrading to their newer one, as they’ll already be familiar with the operating system. But for how much longer? It’s expected that a major design overhaul code named “Innsbruck” will come with iOS 7. Let’s take a look at what we can expect.

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iPhone To Become A Digital Wallet

With the iPhone 5S rumored to feature NFC technology, it’s no surprise that Apple is rumored to be planning to recreate the wallet by using the iPhone. Expected to be released within the next year or two, this is exactly what Apple needs in order to boost its stock price and market share. Although similar ideas already exist, such as Google’s Wallet, it’s not widely used, and because so, is not commonly used in retail stores.

Apple already has one huge advantage over Google if it were to pursue this idea, and that is that Apple currently has one of the largest user bases with linked credit or debit cards, through iTunes. The numbers are expected to be around 500 million, more than even Paypal, and the numbers are rising.

In order for Apple to succeed if they did add this along with the next release of the iPhone, insurance of security, along with partnerships with big name retail companies will be vital. Rumors have been suggesting that the S in iPhone 5S may stand for security this year, and that’ll be the key to Apple’s success with a digital wallet. Additionally, Apple already have some partnerships with Wal-Mart, Target, And Best Buy, and although this is a good start, Apple should look to increase this number sometime in the near future. If these companies can start incorporating digital payment within their retail stores, this will provide a big boost to Apple and sales of the iPhone.

iOS has already made steps towards this with the addition of Passbook in iOS 6, but this does not support retail transactions. And although Apple’s competitors such as Samsung and Microsoft have already implemented NFC technology into their smartphones, they have yet to make it that useful. When Apple decides to add it in the iPhone 5S, that needs to change. The future looks bright for it to do just that.

Can Apple pull it off, and have mobile payments become a common thing in retail stores?  Have your say in the comments.

Apple To Produce Budget iPhone?

There have been rumors circulating around the internet for a long time that Apple has been planning to create a cheaper, lower quality iPhone for some time now, but as time goes on, that appears to be more of a certainty.

This rumored lower-end iPhone is expected to be made with cheaper and low quality materials, most likely plastic, but still expected to be stronger and more durable than other smartphones with plastic casing. However, the screen is likely to remain the same size as the current iPhone 5. Another feature the budget iPhone and the iPhone 5 will share is the lighting connector, which is used for charging and syncing.

The decision to produce a budget-friendly iPhone appears to be among a variety of things Apple is using to compete against their main rivals Samsung, who launched 37 different models of smartphones in 2012,  and also boost iPhone sales in China. This would be a big step forward for Apple, who has previously only launched one iPhone per year.

iPhone 5S To Be More Durable?

Recent reports claim that Apple is looking to redesign their next installment of the iPhone, while trying to keep the slick appearance similar to how it is now. With durability issues being one of the leading complaints about the current iPhone, Apple looks to improve this by possibly using tougher materials than what’s been used in past models of the smartphone.

Rumors also suggest that Apple will include new hardware inside of the iPhone, which can recognize when the device is in free fall and shift its center of gravity so the phone lands on its strongest points, rather than the glass screen which would most definitely shatter should the phone fall more than a few feet onto a hard surface.


Other rumors suggest the iPhone 5 will feature a fingerprint scanner and NFC technology. 

iPhone 5S – S for Security?


The iPhone 3GS’ major increase from the iPhone 3G was speed. The iPhone 4S’ major upgrade from the iPhone 4 was for Siri. Latest rumors are suggesting that perhaps the S in the next installment of the iPhone may stand for security, as speculation is suggesting that the iPhone 5S may feature a fingerprint scanner and near field communication technology.

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