How Would Apple Utilize A Fingerprint Scanner?

Among many other rumors, it’s expected that Apple will feature a fingerprint scanner with the upcoming iPhone 5S. But how exactly would Apple use this fingerprint scanner on the iPhone? What uses would it have, and why should we care about it?  [Read more...]

Why Would Apple Make A Gold Colored iPhone?

Gold iPhone 5S

Before the release of the iPhone each year, rumors circle around the internet covering each and every new thing that the next iPhone could have. This year, one of the most popular rumors is that Apple will start offering their new iPhone 5S in brand new colors – with a lot of focus on a gold or champagne colored iPhone.  But why would people actually want a gold colored iPhone?  [Read more...]

Should The New iPhone 5S Be Even Bigger?

With the release of the iPhone 5, we saw a long awaited increase of the iPhone screen size. But to some people, this increase of size was not enough – they want an even bigger iPhone. In fact, many people believe Apple have this plan in the making – rumors regarding an increased iPhone screen size have been circling the internet for months now. But even if this were to be true, would another increase in iPhone screen size be a good idea?  [Read more...]

Freemium Games Are Ruining The App Store

If you’ve ever downloaded a free game from the App Store, chances are you’ve seen something like this. You open up the game, start playing, and think, “Wow, this game is kind of fun! How is this game free?”
You keep playing, and then it hits you. You go to do something – access a certain feature, for example and you’re greeted with something like this: “Accessing this feature costs 5 gold/keys/gems. Buy now?” [Read more...]

Why The iPhone Is The Best Portable Gaming Device

When you think of portable gaming devices, what do you think of? Game Boys? A Nintendo DS? Playstation Vita? Yep, these are all great portable gaming devices. But despite Sony and Nintendo’s best efforts, they are no longer the best portable gaming devices available. Why? More and more people are buying iPhones.  [Read more...]

Is The iPhone Getting Stale?

Apple is unlike any other smartphone manufacturer. Companies like Samsung, HTC and Blackberry are constantly revamping the style of their phones, and sometimes even completely changing the operating system running on the device. Apple has yet to do this. Since the release of the original iPhone back in June 2007, not much has really changed – the look of the phone externally is similar, and the operating system looks almost exactly the same. But is this a problem?  [Read more...]

Can We Really Trust Apple?

Consumers are becoming more skeptical than ever in terms of trust with companies. We’ve all heard the stories of major credit card vendors getting hacked, databases exploited, and extremely personal information being stolen and released. With over 500 million iTunes accounts active, can we really trust Apple to keep this information safe? [Read more...]

Why The iPhone Is The Best Smartphone For Senior Citizens

If you’re below the age of 30, you’ve grown up around the time technology was evolving. Just 10 years ago, we didn’t have touch screen phones, or HD televisions, or virtual assistants. Heck, we barely had Bluetooth. But today’s world is completely different than it was 10 years ago. All sorts of new technology is coming out, and while the majority of people who have grown up with it know all about it, a lot of older folk have been left bewildered. They aren’t used to the kinds of stuff the younger generations of today are. So what should you get your older friends if they aren’t technologically smart? The iPhone is the best phone for senior citizens, and here’s why.

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Tablets Will Try To Take Over, But They Will Fail

When Apple released the iPad, it was an extreme success. Apple had sold over 19 million iPads before they even released the second generation of them. People loved the new tablet because of it was extremely lightweight compared to laptops, it was extremely portable, it was touch screen, it was easy to use,  and it functioned like a normal computer. Seeing Apple’s success, it seems as if every major computer manufacturer has been trying to compete with it, by releasing their own tablet. More tablets are being made at a faster rate than they previously have been, and it’s only going to increase as time goes by.

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How Apple Would Be Different If They Didn’t Allow Free Apps

One of Apple’s best selling points is the fact that the iOS App Store has over 800,000 applications available for download at any time, around 30% of those being free. So essentially, when you purchase an iOS Device, you have a limitless amount of free media, applications, and games available for download. But how would Apple be different today if they did not allow free applications on their App Store?

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