10 Ungrateful Teens Who Didn’t Get An iPhone or iPad For Christmas

We’ve all been there. At some point throughout our lives, we’ve been given a gift that wasn’t exactly what we were hoping for. However, most people are kind. Most people would thank the gift giver for their generosity, even if the gift wasn’t exactly what they were hoping for.

However, ’tis the season for whining and complaining, at least for the ungrateful teenagers who flood Twitter to vent out their complaints. Let’s take a look at some of them, shall we? (Note: Contains profanity)

Ungrateful Christmas Tweets

“My mum got me an iPad mini 2 when I wanted iPad Air erggg I Hate My Mum”

Ungrateful Christmas Tweets

Why the h- did my mom get me a car… I wanted an iPhone 5s… lmao b- #ihatechristmas”

Ungrateful Christmas Tweets“All I wanted was an Xbox one, but my parents had to go and get me a ps4 and a iPhone 5s to make up for it? What kind of world do we live in”

Ungrateful Christmas Tweets

You are.

“Oh ffs I actually wanna cry, everyone got an iPhone today, the one thing I wanted and I didn’t. I feel so ungrateful but no one understands”

Ungrateful Christmas Tweets

“I seriously hate everything and everyone. All i wanted was an iPhone 5s for better selfies.”

Ungrateful Christmas Tweets

Forget the fact that they feed you, care for you, and put a roof over your head. If they don’t get you an iPad, you have a perfectly valid reason to hate them.

“Wtf I told mom I wanted an iPod not a freaking iPad!! I hate my parents”

Ungrateful Christmas Tweets

“I didn’t get an iPad aka I’m pissed”

Ungrateful Christmas Tweets

You’re the type of girl no guy wants to be around.

“I’m pretty pissed at Matt.. didn’t even get me an ipad mini….. thought we was closer than that.”

Ungrateful Christmas Tweets

“I told my dad I wanted an iPhone 5s but he bought me an iPhone 5 so I microwaved it”. 

Apparently, its a better use of your time to complain about not getting something you want than to get a job and work for it. The sad thing is that this is only a small representation of all the ungrateful people tweeting out there.

So sad.

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  1. This is absolutely hilarious. Kids are such spoiled rotten ungreatful little brats. >:/ its very sickining.

  2. Why did you censor the swear words in your own captions? We can all see the rude words anyway.

    I particularly like your censorship of “Hell”.

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