iPhone 5S And iPhone 5C Announcement – Everything You Need To Know

For the first time ever, Apple is completely replacing last generation’s iPhone. Rather than simply discounting the product and leaving it up for sale, Apple is completely discontinuing the iPhone 5. Instead, they announced two new replacements – the long-anticipated iPhone 5S, and the brand new line of iPhone, the iPhone 5C. Let’s start out talking about Apple’s new iPhone line, the iPhone 5C. The ‘C’ in the new iPhone’s name can represent two features completely new to iPhone – cheap, and color.

Let’s start with color. The iPhone 5C is available in five different colors, white, red, yellow, blue, and green. It’s largely similar to the iPhone 5S, although instead of aluminum the case is made mostly of a tough plastic. Apple also announced a new line of iPhone cases. The circle design on the cases helps contrast from the color of the iPhone and really bring out the color.

iPhone 5c

The iPhone 5C is also cheap…er. Many believe that the iPhone 5C is still too expensive ($549 without a contract) to compete with other phones in the lower-end smartphone market. Apple priced it too high, which effectively makes the release of it near useless as their target demographic still will not be able to afford it. In fact, people were so disappointed that Apple’s stock dropped more than 5% less than 24 hours after the Apple event was over.

The iPhone 5S however, was less disappointing.

iPhone 5S

Although Apple has not come up with anything that has wowed us with the iPhone 5S launch, there’s still a lot of positives to pull from it. The new colors are nice, but the improvements inside of the iPhone are what really matters.

As we expected, the iPhone 5S received drastic hardware improvements, namely with the iPhone’s processor. Apple’s new A7 chip is up to twice as powerful as the iPhone 5, and more than 56x more powerful than the original iPhone. And with a new 64-bit system, the potential for the future is huge.

The iPhone 5S also has a vastly upgraded camera. Although the camera still boasts 8 megapixels, it’s equipped with new features that will make pixels come out a lot better.

The camera on the iPhone 5S has an improved two-tone  flash and an increased image sensor, allowing the camera to take vastly improved photos in low light conditions. By balancing the two iPhone flashes (white and amber), the flash can create over 1000 different colors, allowing the color of the photos to look more natural.

On the software side, the iPhone’s camera will take multiple photos, and automatically choose the best one. This gives you the best white balance and exposure, and decreasing the chance that a picture will be blurred during action shots. Speaking of action shots, the iPhone 5S can now record video in 120 frames per second, allowing Apple to incorporate a new slow-mo feature.

Finally, the iPhone 5S comes with a new fingerprint scanner, located within the home button. The fingerprint scanner uses your fingerprint to unlock your phone, as well as authorizing purchases on iTunes or on the App Store.

Both phones are available for preorder on September 13th and ship with iOS 7.

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