Should Apple Produce A Phablet?

With more and more companies beginning to produce ‘phablets’, that is, tablets with phone capabilities, it brings up an important question. Should Apple do the same? Would it be beneficiary for Apple to produce a phablet? 

Although I do believe Apple should branch out and start producing more different products (rather than just updating their current product lines), I don’t think it would be incredibly beneficiary for Apple to create a phablet. Instead, Apple needs to focus on creating innovative products that haven’t already been released. Let’s take a look at some of Apple’s recent updates to their product line.

The iPad mini was released because their competitors were releasing various smaller tablets, and Apple was lacking behind. They created it to keep up with their competitors.
The iPhone size was increased because their competitors were releasing larger sized phones, and Apple had kept the same, small size, for years. They increased the size to keep up with their competitors.
Samsung is in the process of creating a smart watch. Apple is rumored to be creating an iWatch. They may be doing this to try and keep up as it is predicted more and more will be produced soon (although the quicker they can release it, the better).

So what if they created a phablet? They already have a great phone line, and a great tablet line. If people want both, they can buy both. Apple would make more money this way. And of course, if they did decide to create a phablet, it would be to do what? Exactly. Keep up with their competitors.

I can’t find the mass market finding phablets useful. Although I would buy one, I would almost never use it. Why? I already own both an iPad tablet, and an iPhone. My iPhone goes with me wherever I go. Therefore, no need to use the phablet. See what I’m saying?

User Warwick on the iOS Universe Forums brings up an interesting point. The phablet would be great for those with poor vision who want to make phone calls, but do not want the burden of carrying around a larger tablet such as the iPad. So what’s the solution?

Instead of taking the time and money to create an entirely new product, Apple could simply add optional phone capabilities to the already existing iPad Mini. By doing this, not only would it boost iPad mini sales, but Apple would be able to charge a higher price for it. They also would not have to take the time and money to produce a completely new product.

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