Everything You Need To Know About The iPad Mini Retina

iPad Mini Retina

Perhaps the greatest announcement of Apple’s October 2013 event was that of the iPad Mini Retina. The iPad Mini Retina far exceeded the expectations of us consumers, announcing several new improvements to the tablet. Here’s a rundown of everything you need to know about the iPad Mini Retina. 

Vastly Improved Hardware

The original iPad Mini had great performance, but the performance of the iPad Mini Retina far exceeds that of its predecessor. The 2nd generation iPad Mini is packed with Apple’s new, 64-bit, A7 dual-core processor. This means that not only is the processor much quicker (up to 4x faster according to Apple), but it will also be able to handle more memory, which will allow it to run much larger and hardware-intensive games than the iPad Mini ever could before. We don’t have anything that will push the limits of the iPad Mini Retina yet, but we can expect developers to start taking advantage of the iPad Mini Retina’s improved hardware sometime in the near future.

Retina Display

Perhaps the most desired feature for the iPad Mini Retina was the addition of a retina display, and we were not disappointed. While many analysts expected the retina display to be delayed until the iPad Mini 3, Apple has surprised us all and equipped the second generation iPad Mini with the beautiful 2048×1536 screen we’ve come to love.

For those that don’t know, this means that images and video will look much sharper and crisper than ever before – if you’ve never used a retina iPad before (iPad 3 or later), you’ll notice a huge difference when you upgrade to a retina display. It’s like going from an old SD television to a brand new HD one – the difference is drastic, and makes for a much better experience when using your device.


iPad Mini Retina

The iPad Mini Retina has had no major changes to its design, looking nearly identical to its predecessor. It’s still light and thin, however, its improved internals have caused it to put on a little weight, measuring at  three fourths of a pound and 7.5 millimeters thin.

Miscellaneous Improvements

Similar to the iPad Air, the iPad Mini Retina has received several miscellaneous updates as well. Both the iPad Mini Retina and the iPad Air have had improved front facing cameras, equipped with better sensors allowing for better calling conditions in low-light settings.

Both iPads also come equipped with dual Wi-Fi antennas, allowing for up to twice as fast Wi-Fi performance, as well as dual microphones to improve audio quality.


The iPad Mini Retina will become available during November 2013 and will be available in white, silver, black, and space grey. The iPad Mini Retina will follow the same pricepoints as previous models, starting at $399, $499, $599, and $799 for 16Gb, 32Gb, 64Gb, and 128Gb respectively, while the LTE models will start at $529, $629, $729, and $839 for 16Gb, 32Gb, 64Gb, and 128Gb respectively.

Will you be getting the iPad Mini Retina? Why or why not?



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  1. I was contemplating whether to get the mini or not but I think I’ll go and get the iPad Air. Reason is because I rarely bring it to commute (only once a week outside the house and I’m driving). So for indoor use, a larger screen will probably be better use

    • Great reasoning, Michael!

      Part of the reason the Mini became so popular is because it’s easier to take with you while you’re traveling – if you don’t travel fairly often, that point is negated. I’ve always felt the same way – although I will be getting both the iPad Air and the iPad Mini Retina, I’ll most definitely end up using the iPad Air more. The larger screen is certainly nicer for day to day use.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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