Implementing iPhones Into Cars – The Possibilities

Twenty years ago, everyone had big thoughts of the future of everyday life. Transportation becoming one of those big wonders, what were the possibilities? Although we have yet to have flying cars, the way we travel from place to place has changed quite a bit in recent years. Although cars have been developed that can drive themselves, those are not yet ready for mass production.

So what is the next big thing in automobiles? Mobile integration. There is a plethora of possibilities if the iPhone were to be integrated into new automobiles, and it all possible now with Siri.

How Could iPhones Be Implemented Into Cars?

In order for iPhone integration into automobiles to be approved for production, using it not only has to be safe, it also can’t be distracting while driving. This means that activating Siri to do commands has to be near where your hands already are – that is, the steering wheel. A button on the steering wheel would not only be convenient, it would be the safest option.

The iPhone could be connected to a dock near the stereo, which could connect to a power source, the cars speakers, and the steering wheel button. Pressing the button would access Siri, similarly to the way the Apple Earpods control buttons work.

The dock should be easily visible for easy use with the built in GPS and Maps application, and also music control. With all devices in the near future using Apple’s new lightning connector, now is the perfect time to implement this into cars.

Features Of iPhones Implemented Into Cars

Although we definitely do not expect people to be able to play Angry Birds or watch YouTube videos while they’re driving, there are still a lot of possibilities should Siri be implemented into automobiles.


If you’ve ever made phone calls using Siri and earphones, you know how easy it is. Implementing this straight into the car, this would make calling while driving much more safe as it can be done only using your voice. Similar devies have already came out, but they still require you to dial. With Siri, this can be done completely hands-free.


Last year, a car company launched a huge advertising campaign with the focal point of the advertisement was showing off the music capabilities in the car. In the advertisement, the people in the car were able to ask the stereo to play songs using their voice. Implementing Siri into the car would completely dominate this idea. Siri has way more options to search for music on your device, especially with the new ability to launch apps such as Pandora or Spotify. Siri implementation in new cars would kill the other companies selling point, but hey, that’s business, right?


Along with iOS 6 came an all new Maps application. Apple’s new Maps application also happened to include turn-by-turn navigation, essentially making it as effective as any other car GPS. That is except that, it’s yet to be integrated into automobiles as it should be. The ability to search for directions with your voice and have them read to you while you’re driving would completely change the GPS market.

What if you’re listening to music? Well, since Siri would also be connected to the car’s stereo system and/or speakers, the device could simply dim or lower the volume for any music playing in the background while the directions are read, and turn it back up to the same volume once its done. Simple.

If Apple could get partnerships with some major car retailers, iPhone integration into automobiles would be a huge possibility in the near future.

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