One Important Aspect The iPad Air Is Lacking In

iPad Air Internal

The iPad Air brought a lot of new improvements to the table. While we did get some external improvements in terms of an all new design, the majority of the improvements came from the inside. Dual microphones and Wi-Fi antennas. Front-facing camera improvements. Best of all, the addition of a brand new, dual core 64-bit processor.

However, there was one aspect we were expecting to be improved, and we were wrong. We’re surprised that Apple has not added this to the iPad Air, and it comes to us as a huge shock considering all the other improvements that have been done to that device. What is it, you may ask? 

The iPad Air is now lacking in RAM. And not only is it lacking – it’s severely lacking. Why? Let me elaborate.

As we know, the new processor inside of the iPad Air is now 64-bit rather than 32-bit. This means that the new processor is now capable of handling more memory, and uses the memory it does have slightly more efficiently. But if 64-bit operating systems actually handle memory management better, what’s the problem here?

Think of the iPad’s hardware as a chain – it’s only as strong as its weakest link. While the processor is now capable of handling of handling much more intensive applications, developers will still be greatly limited as they will have to keep their applications using less than 1Gb of RAM at all times.

Let’s put this in perspective. Apple claims the new processor is capable of running console level games, but today’s console games often use 3 or more gigabytes of RAM at a time – far more than the iPad Air is capable of now.

Heck, there are smartphones that have twice the amount of RAM the iPad Air has, and phablet devices (phone/tablet hybrid) have more than 3 times the amount of RAM that the iPad Air has.

Some will argue that iOS devices do not need as much RAM as their non-iOS counterparts. This is both true and false. While the OS itself does not use as much RAM as other operating systems, individual applications still use an equal amount of active memory.

For developers to truly create large applications, it’s vital that the next iPad has an increase in RAM.

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