What Can We Expect From Apple In 2014?

2013 was a huge year for Apple. iOS 7 was released, and was the biggest change of iOS to date. The completely redesigned Mac Pro was announced. The iPhone 5S, iPad Air, and iPad Mini Retina were released as well. But what can we expect from Apple in the future?

Every year starts with hope of what lies ahead. But can Apple top their advancements in 2013? We believe that Apple will do exactly that, and that 2014 will be the biggest year for Apple since the release of the iPad.

We didn’t see any new products from Apple this past year, but that’s expected to change in 2014. As a matter of fact, we may just see two entire new product lines, which may just completely change the way we interact with technology in the future. 

2014: The Year Of Wearable Technology?

Apple iWatch Concept

It’s no doubt that wearable technology is hitting us much faster than most of us realize it. Google Glass will be available for consumers in the not-so-distant future, and companies such as Samsung and Sony have already released their own smartwatches. Can we expect something like this to come from Apple? Certainly.

Apple’s competitors have been expanded into many different markets, and it’s time for Apple to do the same. Rumors of an Apple ‘iWatch’ have been circulating around the internet for years, but 2014 may be the year it’s finally released.

So how would it work?

We never know what sorts of surprises Apple would give us, but if they were to release an iWatch, it’s expected it would have similar abilities to that of the Pebble Smartwatch. That is, it would sync up with your iPhone via BlueTooth and the two would work together to create the ideal user experience.

Features would include the ability to receive notifications from your phone straight onto the iWatch, preventing you from having to pull it out of your pocket for something that may be insignificant. And of course, it would tell the time. But not just tell the time, tell the time in style. The Pebble has hundreds of watchfaces, and you can even make your own. Hopefully the iWatch will follow suit with an open SDK, so users would be able to create their own watchfaces (and even applications) to customize the iWatch to their liking.

Apple On All Of Your Screens

Apple iTV Concept

How many screens do you have in your house? You probably have a computer. You likely have some sort of phone with a screen, and you may even have a tablet. But what’s the one device that almost every household has at least one of? A television.

Rumors regarding an Apple iTV started in 2011 when Steve Jobs announced that he had ‘cracked’ the secret to HD television, stating,  ”It will have the simplest user interface you could imagine”. An Apple  television set may have been in production for years, and 2014 just may be the year to announce it.

For the Apple iTV, the television aspect of it would only be one of many features. Rather than just aiming to make television better, Apple would be looking to supply a full home entertainment system, giving the iTV many other capabilities in the form of apps. Expect movie streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime to be integrated straight into the television. Not to mention well known entertainment sites such as YouTube, Pandora or Spotify. In fact, the Apple iTV may feature full web browsing straight on the television itself, preventing you from having to switch between multiple devices while trying to relax.

So Why Now?

2014 is the perfect year for Apple to finally release their own Smart TV.

2013 saw a huge increase in availability for both Smart TVs, as well as 4k resolution Ultra HD televisions. Prices for both are dropping rapidly as more and more companies enter the market, so it’s time for Apple to make their move. After all, expensive television sets are not something you upgrade on a regular basis. If Apple waits too long, people will have already upgraded, and they won’t sell as many of their own.

Waiting until 2014 has given Apple the time to perfect the television set, and hopefully introduce something truly new and innovative to this competitive market. If Apple does release their own Smart TV this year, we can expect it to be absolutely great.

Any Other Surprises From Apple In 2014?

What else can we expect from Apple in 2014? It’s hard to say. As with every big company, it’s in their best interest to try and keep things as hidden from the public as they can, so if they’ve been working on some huge product we’ve never even thought of, only Apple employees would know about it.

Of course, we’ll see improvements to Apple’s currents products, and there has been speculation around a potential iPad C as well.

Will any of this happen? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


What are you looking forward to from Apple this year?

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