Why Next Gen iDevices Will Not Make Yours Obsolete

A common worry whenever the next generation of iDevices are announced is that current owners will feel like it’s a necessity to upgrade because the next generation will make their device obsolete. Luckily for consumers, this is almost never the case. In fact, if I didn’t own this website, I wouldn’t upgrade my iDevices that often at all, and here’s why.

Updates To The iDevices Are Incremental

With the rare exception, an update from one generation of an iDevice to the next is very small. While an upgrade to an iPad 4 would be huge for someone that owns an iPad 1, it would barely be noticeable by someone that owns an iPad 3. It takes years for massive improvements to come out, and with current gen hardware able to handle all software on the Apple’s app store, is a hardware upgrade really a necessity? No, it’s not.

Your Current Gen Device Will Still Work Fine After The Next Gen Device Comes Out

I’m an owner of an iPhone 4S and an iPhone 5. The moment the iPhone 5 came out, my iPhone 4S has not changed at all, and it still hasn’t. Yet for some reason, the day the 5 came out, tons of iPhone 4S owners instantly thought that their device was no longer as good as it used to be, simply because there was something better. My 4S can still run everything on the app store. It can still do everything it used to be able to do before the 5 came out. If your old device still does everything you want it to, what’s the point of upgrading right?

Apple has a tradition of updating their devices every year. But they do that knowing not everybody will go out and buy their new version of their iDevices each and every time they update them. Are the small updates really worth the money?  That varies from person to person. To some, yes. To most, probably not.

How often do you update your iDevices?

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