5 iOS 7 Features Apple Didn’t Tell Us About

We learned a lot about iOS 7 during WWDC. We learned about the big redesign that brings a more flat look to iOS 7, and we learned about new major features such as control center. But the list certainly does not end there – there are a heck of a lot more features hidden in iOS 7 that Apple did not show off to us. Here are a few of them. 

1. Wish List On App Store

Sometimes when browsing the App Store, you’ll see an application you want to buy, but you don’t have money for it right at that moment. Now, you’ll be able to save that app to a wish list to view later, so that way when you have money, you’ll be able to get it. This helps a ton, since it’s hard to remember specific apps among thousands of others in the App Store.

2. Snooze Timer

Now when your alarm goes off on your iOS Device, a timer will appear on the lock screen telling you how much time you have before the alarm goes off again. A nifty little feature that will come in handy when you’re wondering if it’s worth it just to get up then and there, or try and go back to sleep and get a few more minutes in.

3. Pinch To Zoom On Video

You will be able to pinch to zoom while shooting video on iOS 7. Previously, this was not possible on iOS, forcing you to get real close to what you were filming. This frustrating issue has been fixed in iOS 7.

4. Text Message Improvements

You can now view pictures more easily when receiving a notification upon receiving a message. You can also quickly and easily add events to your calendar, based on messages you send or receive.

5. ‘Back’ Gesture Added

Rather than pushing a set back button, you can now swipe from the left side of your screen to go back. This works in a lot of applications such as Safari, or in the Mail app.

And the list certainly doesn’t end here. What other features have you discovered while using iOS 7? What features would you like Apple to add? Let us know in the comments.


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  1. These features are really interesting, I did not know about all of them, but I was really surprised by the back gesture. I always use it on Safari when I am on my MacBook, very excited to try it out on mobile Safari.

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