Apple Keeps Siri Data From Users

Did you know that every time you successfully use Siri (that is, it’s able to connect to a wifi or data network and you get a response back) that your audio snippets are saved and sent to Apple? That’s right, everything you say to Siri is saved on Apple’s servers. But how big of an issue is this really?

For people who have used Siri before, there’s not any doubt that Siri is still in beta. She still has a hard time understanding a lot of different accents, and interpreting words correctly. This is why Apple keeps your data.

When an audio snippet gets sent to Apple for analysis, it gets a unique number attached to it, which links it back to the user. It should be noted that this unique number is not your Apple ID, Game Center ID, email address, phone number, or anything similar to that. This number is not identifiable – but it represents you, a Siri user.

Apple spokeswoman Trudy Muller says that data may be stored for up to two years on Apple’s servers, but disabling Siri in settings will clear all identifiers. She also claims that privacy of the user is valued, and that the data is only collected to help improve Siri.

So although Siri is not directly linked to its users, it’s important that you watch what you say, as you could potentially give out personal, sensitive information.


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