Apple’s Newest Mistake – Apps Updating Automatically

Edit: Now with more information available, we know that this option is toggleable. If the option to toggle this feature on or off was not there, here would be my thoughts.

A while back we wrote an article on a cool jailbreak tweak that can update your applications automatically, Auto App Updater. And while this feature would be extremely convenient for some people, that’s not the case for everyone. In fact, requiring your applications to be updated, or having them update automatically could cause a huge issue for some iOS users, and here’s why. 

To start off, let’s take a look at some of the updates in the App Store. Some updates for some applications add enormous amounts of new content, fun or useful new features, and stuff everyone would want to enjoy. Before you choose to update an application, you see a changelog for the most recent version, which includes everything new in the update. Now obviously, if someone seeds a changelog with the updates they mentioned above, of course they’d want to download it. Of course they would love to enjoy the new content.

So what’s the problem here?  Not every update is like that.

In fact, the majority of updates are very small. Bug fixes, minor enhancements, unnoticeable GUI changes – so why waste the data uploading them? And guess what? Data is not even the main issue in this argument.

What if the new application update actually makes the app worse? Sometimes app updates do nothing but simply add advertisements – something no user wants to have to deal with after previously using the application ad free. Why should the user be forced to update if they don’t want to?

What if the new update breaks the application? Over the years, thousands of applications have produced updates which completely break the game. And I don’t mean in terms of gameplay changes, I mean it quite literally. Updates have been produced that do nothing but simply introduce bugs that make the game unplayable, or crash when the application launches. This makes the application unusable until the developer produces another update to fix it. How could this all of been avoided? By reading user reviews after the update, and finding out that the update breaks the game. Then, you could just simply not update.

But no! Apple isn’t going to allow that anymore! So what are we going to see from here on out? More developers subtly adding in advertisements to their applications, without the users even knowing. More applications crashing for no known reason. Is this really worth the cost of saving a few seconds to pick and choose what applications you actually WANT to download? I don’t think so. We could at least be given the choice.

What are your opinions on the matter? Did Apple make a mistake by making applications from the App Store update automatically in iOS 7, or is this a good change? Leave a comment and share your opinion with the world!

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  1. Yeah, I do like the update being a developer, but the only thing that I will miss is the user being able to see what is new on the update. But I found out that when it automatically updates the app you can still view what is the new features, or if it is just bug fixes. But on the other hand, it is nice because then more and more people will have the updates as soon as they come out, because some people do not update their apps all of the time.

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