Five Things We Need To See In iOS 7

Although iOS is one of the most popular mobile operating systems currently out, like every OS, it has its areas where it shines, and its areas where improvement is needed. I have used iOS for a very long time, and although most every major update brings significant improvements, there are still areas that need to be improved.

1. The Ability To Delete Apple’s Applications

Not every user who purchases an iOS device is going to want to use every app that comes with iOS. The ability to delete apps like Newsstand, Compass, or Stocks would please a lot of iOS users, and it wouldn’t hurt Apple in the slightest. Restricting this feature is only a con in iOS. As of right now, I’m keeping all of Apple’s applications in their own folder with Infinifolders.

2. The Ability To Change Default Applications

Sorry Apple, but not everybody likes mobile safari, or the default mail app. Many people, including myself, would like to change our default browser on our iOS device to Chrome, or Dolphin. Others would like to change their default mail application to something like Sparrow. Again, users don’t like this restriction, and again, sorry Apple, but you can’t be the best at everything. Not everybody likes your apps.

3. Widgets

Although iOS is known for being very neat and easy to navigate, many of us would still like the ability to have widgets. Looking at the weather in just a glance, or updating a social network very quickly would be very convenient additions to iOS. I realize Apple has decided against this due to it draining the battery rather quickly, but they could at least give us the option. If users think it drains the battery too much, they can just disable it, right?

4. Improve The Camera App

Apple made sure to let us know at the iPhone 4S launch event last year that the iPhone 4 was the most common camera used to take pictures which ended up on Flickr. In truth, with the camera being such a popular feature on the iPhone, you’d think Apple would improve upon it. After all it is really basic. We’re not asking for a million different effects, we’re not asking for Instagram, but more basic features would be welcomed.

5. Give Developers More Options To Sell

Right now, developers have two options – they can either sell their application for a fee, or release it for free. But why limited to developers to only these two options? Wouldn’t it be cool if developers could have a demo like feature, which would allow the users to use their application for lets say, 15 minutes before prompting them to buy it? Or having the option to charge for major updates? Developers would be encouraged to produce higher quality applications if this were the case, as the only way for developers to make money after the user downloads the application now is through in app purchases.

What features do you think needed to be added to iOS to make it near perfect?

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