How Safe Is Your iPhone From Malware?

iPhone Virus

We hear about it all the time. Your computer gets infected with a nasty virus. It becomes almost unusable, your personal information gets stolen, and someone ran up a huge credit card bill for you. Scary, right? But could this happen on your iPhone without you even knowing it?

The short answer is that it’s unlikely, but very possible. Here’s why.

Apple Tests All Applications Before They’re Approved For The App Store

Unlike their Android competitor, Apple tests each application throughly before they approve it to be placed on the App Store. By doing this, they ensure that applications that have malware within them do not get approved, and the developers are banned. Of course, Apple isn’t perfect, and sometimes there is the rare exception.

Because it’s so hard for hackers to successfully get an application with malware onto the App Store, most of them do not even try. Instead, they focus their efforts on putting malware on the Android App Store, which is not only much easier to get your application uploaded onto, it’s also significantly cheaper ($25 vs $100)


Not All Applications Come From The App Store

If you own a jailbroken iPhone, chances are you’ve downloaded some applications or tweaks from Cydia. These applications do not have to be approved, so really, one could upload a package riddled with malware and no one could even know it. But don’t worry – most packages available on Cydia are completely safe, so don’t let this discourage you from jailbreaking your device.

Why This Is A Problem

The scariest thing about this is that most people will have no idea that there is malware on their device. Apple does not allow real time running antivirus scanners to run on their devices, so essentially it could stay on there without you, the user, even knowing it exists. After all, not all viruses are super flashy and let you know that they are there. Some just hide in the background as they steal all of your personal information.

How To Keep Your iPhone Safe From Malware

  1. Only download applications from trusted sources such as the App Store
  2. If you do download things from Cydia, make sure they are from trusted sources
  3. Stay on the latest version of iOS if possible
  4. Use common sense when downloading files
  5. Set a passcode lock for your device.

More detail about these can be found within the following YouTube video:

Perhaps now after reading this article, you can sleep a little bit easier knowing that your iPhone is mostly safe from malware. Apple’s iOS still remains the most secure mobile operating system in the world, and that’s not going to change any time soon. Because it’s so hard to actually break an iPhone, this makes it the perfect device for demographics like the elderly and children.


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