Feel More Connected With Messages Conversation Photos

Messages Conversation Photos Tweak

Facebook does it. Google+ does it. A lot of other smart phones do it. So why doesn’t the iPhone place pictures next to their messages? Well now it can, with the ┬áMessages Conversations Photos for jailbroken iOS Devices.

Maybe on a phone it doesn’t matter so much. After all, when you give out your phone number, you usually know the person. You could look at their name and remember who they are, what they look like. You don’t just hand out your phone number to people you slightly know unlike websites like Twitter where you will follow hundreds of even thousands of people. So why install this tweak?

There’s something about seeing the other person that makes you feel more connected to them. It’s all about human psychology, isn’t it? After all, think about marketers. When you are interested in buying a car, you go down to the car dealership, you talk with the car dealer. He gets to know you, he talks with you in person, he acts as if he’s your friend. Where am I going with this?

When you’re at that car dealership with the salesman, you can see him. You can see his actions, you can see what he looks like. He’s connecting with you. Now, through a text message this isn’t exactly possible. Of course, you could always Facetime or Skype the other person, but this isn’t meant to be done while texting.

Adding that picture next to the message adds that little bit of connection with that person. Why do you think online marketers show their faces? To connect with you. To let you know that there is a real person behind the words, not a robot or a computer generating content.

Other than connection, there are practical reasons to showing faces next to your text messages. Let’s say you did actually have a ton of contacts with similar or identical names. Text messages are meant to be quick and easy to complete. Having pictures next to text messages you receive helps you realize who you’re actually talking to, in case you weren’t sure. This is a heck of a lot quicker than scrolling up to the top of the Messages or iMessage app, and manually clicking the contact information button and looking at the photo.

Does this tweak sound interesting to you? Well guess what, it’s free on the BigBoss repo. Don’t like it? Don’t want it anymore? Simply uninstall it. I’ll be keeping it around for a while, that’s for sure.

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