Infinifolders Lets You Store Unlimited Apps Within Folders

All the way back in 2010 when iOS 4 was released, one of the most talked about new features was the ability to create folders on your device by dragging an application on top of another. Along with that came one of the most talked about complaints – only 12 applications were allowed within a single folder. Three years later, in 2013, Apple still stands by their 12 app limit per folder, so jailbreak tweak developer Chpwn has created a tweak that’s fixed that – and it’s called Infinifolders.


Infinifolders is easy to use. Simply drop as many apps as you like into a folder, once installed you’ll find that you’re no longer limited to how many you can put in. You can then scroll up and down to view all the applications within the folder. Because Infinifolders allows you to store a virtually infinite amount of apps within a folder, the 1260 app limit that was also on the iPhone is now gone as well.

Let me put in this way – this tweak is so useful, that I can find any application on my device in a matter of seconds, where as before, the only way I could ever find what application I wanted to use was by using the search feature.

Infinifolders is available on Cydia for jailbroken devices only. For $2, this tweak is worth the cost if you have a lot of apps.

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