iOS 7 Jailbreak Is Out – But Can You Trust It?

After months and months of waiting, users running iOS 7 to iOS 7.0.4 can now jailbreak their iDevices – even the new iPad Mini Retina and iPad Air. Usually, this would be fantastic news – after all, users have been waiting a long time to unlock the full potential of their device. This time, however things are different. This time, you may not want to jailbreak. 

While no one knows exactly what’s been going on, there has been a huge amount of controversy regarding the first untethered jailbreak for iOS 7. Rumors have been circling the internet stating that the Evasi0n7 jailbreak may not be entirely safe, stating that the jailbreak is backdoored with Chinese malware. Why would the developers do this, you may ask? The incentive behind this is the same incentive that drives crime all around the world – money. In this case, more than $100,000.


Chinese Malware


For the first time, the jailbreak does not come with Cydia for all users. Instead, for the Chinese jailbreakers, it comes with a new app store called Taig. The creators of the Evasi0n jailbreak, the evad3rs, negotiated with both Saurik (owner of Cydia) and the Taig developers on which store would be included within the jailbreak. In this case, the Taig developers were able to pay more money, while Saurik was not even able to come close.

Saurik and Taig

The inclusion of Taig raises many questions. Taig comes bundled with a lot of pirating software, and while the Taig developers are claiming to be taking care of the issue, not much seems to be getting done. Saurik finds this unbelievable, and is completely against piracy. Cydia does not stop you from pirating, however it at least encourages you not to do so. Taig doesn’t seem to care at all, and with rumors that the jailbreak is backdoored with Chinese malware, it’s even more suspicious.

Geohotz and Saurik

Users who have already jailbroken iOS 7 notice that the jailbreak is perhaps the buggiest public untethered jailbreak to date. According to Twitter, this is likely the cause of George Geohotz, the guy famous for the limera1n and Playstation 3 jailbreaking exploits, was close to releasing his own version of the iOS 7 jailbreak.

Jailbreak developers receive thousands upon thousands of dollars every time they release a public jailbreak. With potential donations of over $100k, it’s no surprise the evad3rs released the iOS 7 jailbreak before it was actually done.

This is bad for two reasons. Other than the jailbreak being incredibly buggy, it also gives Apple a chance to patch the exploit with iOS 7.1, which is expected to be released relatively soon.

But what about Geohotz? As far as we know, he may still release his jailbreak. Rumors are stating that he may team up with Saurik to release a pirate-free, malware-free, completely safe jailbreak we’d all love to have. With the exploit already being public, it would have to happen quickly.

Will it? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. For now, we recommend holding off jailbreaking your iDevice until this entire situation clears up, and we know more about Taig and its developers intentions.

We will keep you updated.

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