Jailbreak Tweak Makes Your Device Harlem Shake


Harlem Shake Jailbreak Tweak

User SlothMcBeans on the iOS Universe Forums has made us aware of a jailbreak tweak that allows your device to do one of the most popular internet memes at the moment – the Harlem Shake.

The rise in popularity of this Harlem Shake meme has occurred due to the YouTube video of the song rising, as well as popular spinoffs done by people around the world. Due to its massive increase in popularity, it was almost inevitable that a tweak like this has been created.

As long as you have the BigBoss repo as a source on your iDevice, you can simply search for “Harlem Shake” in Cydia to find this crazy tweak, which, when activated through a gesture set in Activator, will make your App Icons go crazy for a few moments, while the 30 second clip associated with the Harlem Shake plays.

This tweak is useless, but a heck of a lot of fun to show off to friends. If you’re running iOS 6 or later and want to have some quick fun, download this tweak for free today. The developer made sure it wasn’t at all buggy, and it seems to work flawlessly.

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