Password Protect Applications on iPhone or iPad With iProtect

How many times has this happen to you: You give your friend your phone for a second, so they can send a message or make a phone call. A few moments later, you look over and see them looking through all your photos, or reading private conversations you didn’t want them to see? Annoying, right?

Every iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch has a 4 pin lock that you can use to prevent people from getting into it. But what if you only wanted to protect certain applications, applications holding personal or private information, such as your messages, photos, or notes? With the jailbreak application iProtect, you’re able to do just that. iProtect from Cydia

iProtect works like this – you download the app off of Cydia from the BigBoss Repo, and choose a desired password. This password can be really complex, which makes it more secure than the standard 4 digit pin. From here, you choose a list of applications you’d like to password protect. Every time you try to access one of those applications, you are prompted to enter in the password you’ve chosen.

The list of features doesn’t end here though. iProtect also allows you to lock your SIM card, as well as prevent deleting of apps from the device’s springboard. However, some of these additional features require a license, which is $8.99.

However, the main function of iProtect is to password protect specific applications on your iDevice, and it gets the job done really well. With iProtect, you’ll never have to deal with a breach of personal info again. By password protecting applications on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, you can ensure your device is secure.

iProtect is available from the BigBoss Repo on Cydia.

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