Redial Quicker On Your iPhone With SuperDial+

Have you ever tried desperately to get through a phone line in which thousands of people were calling? Chances are, you could redial hundreds of times, and still not get through. The line was just that busy, you know? It was hard and long process. That was, before you discovered SuperDial+.

Normally when you’d want to redial on the iPhone, although it was still a fairly quick process, it was tedious and annoying to do a ton of times. There were times when I was trying to call on 5 different phones at once, and believe me it was incredibly hard. After hanging up the busy phone line, you had to reopen the Phone app, click on the recent phone calls, and then reclick the person you wanted to redial. Three steps, but with SuperDial+, it can be reduced to only one.

After typing in the number you wish to call within SuperDial+, you can press the call button which will open your phone application and call that number instantly. Yeah, ok, cool, but wait. Once you hang up, you are instantly given the option to recall them again – with the click of only ONE button! Over time, when calling busy lines, not only will this save you a ton of time redialing (which will in turn, save you time in total because you’ll get through to your line faster), it’ll also save you a lot of finger effort.

SuperDial+ also allows you to create groups of your contacts and call them using only one touch. This is great if you want to filter out your contacts and organize them better.

There are the times when you’ll have to redial quickly, and I’ll have SuperDial+ around for those times. If you ever have times in your life which require constant redialing, than SuperDial+ is recommended for you.

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