Hidden Tethering Feature Slips By Apple Within App

Little Artist Canvas by FoolishSleuth

Every once and a while, an application sneak’s past Apple’s app testing crew, who is responsible for testing approving all applications before they are published on the App Store. On Monday, the 27th of May, yet another one of these applications has slipped past, this time featuring a hidden data tethering feature within the application. Update: The promo code has been given away, and the application has been removed from the App Store. Stay in touch with us through Facebook and Twitter and you’ll be the first to know when something like this pops up again! 

Data tethering is a feature that some carriers offer which allow you to use your mobile phone as a mobile hotspot, and share the data with other devices. Using a sequence of buttons within the application Little Artist Canvas, users are presented with the ability to tether their data even if they have not paid for the feature with their mobile carrier.

The video below, from the developer for this application, @FoolishSleuth, shows exactly how it’s done.

Note: The reason it may not work is because where the “Ip Address” is entered in on your iPhone may be different from the one in the video, depending on which one your computer is assigned. To check this, type ipconfig within command prompt on your computer and look for the section that says “Default Gateway”.

Anyhow, these applications don’t tend to stick around long, so hurry up and grab it before it’s gone! We’ve actually contacted the developer code, and we have a free promo code for you. To get it, either +1, like, share, or tweet this post and we’ll send one lucky person a promo code. We’ll be monitoring, so no need to tell us! Good luck!

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