Otterbox Acquires Main Competitor Lifeproof

Otterbox is one of the biggest producers of quality iPhone cases out there right now. Best known for their defender series of cases, Otterbox has provided cases that have saved millions of people from breaking their iPhone. Over the next month, Otterbox will begin its acquisition of Lifeproof, one of their main competitors, and become an even bigger company, with a new line of products. “Our goal in this acquisition is to create more value for our customers than we ever could have generated while operating individuallyā€¯ says Otterbox CEO, Brian Thomas.

Otterbox and Lifeproof currently have 650 and 250 employees respectively, and it’s predicted that everyone from both companies will keep their jobs for the time being.

Although both companies have been known for creating quality, protective iPhone cases, it seems like Otterbox is going to dominate the future. We’ll find out more about Otterbox’s plans for the future within the next month.

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