T-Mobile Begins Selling iPhone

T-Mobile stores around the world began selling Apple’s iPhone on Friday, April 12th. Pictures posted on Twitter have shown that small lines have began forming earlier that morning with consumers eager to finally be able to purchase the smart phone on the nation’s #4 most popular carrier.

Interviewed outside of a T-Mobile store in Seattle this morning, 41 year old Amber Peters says, “I know I probably don’t need to be, but I’m here this morning because I want to make sure I am able to get the iPhone.” She goes on to say, “My whole family has been on T-Mobile for a few years, my son and I have wanted to get an iPhone, but we haven’t been able to switch carriers. We are happy with T-Mobile and are happy that we can finally get the phone we’ve always wanted.”

The beginning of iPhone sales with T-Mobile is good news for them, as they’ve previously been stuck on the sideline as their major competitors AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint received tons of revenue from iPhone sales at their initial releases.

T-Mobile hopes the launch of the iPhone under their network will help begin a new era for the company. They are doing a good thing with their new “uncarrier” idea, in which, there is no contract for the iPhone, rather, a flat fee up front and then monthly installments to cover the cost of the phone. Offering an alternative option to the other providers will be a sure way to win over consumers who this idea appeals to.

I was later able to contact Amber through email, asking her what she thought of her new iPhone. Her response, “I couldn’t be happier.”



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